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The bird is nearly wound up.

10°C, same dry greyness, some breaks Same again: :these kids shine; treat carefully Trouser-fit: I have trousers that fit. You don’t know what a novelty that is, one shop in the world now stocks 34" waist x 36" inside-leg, Gap. … Continue reading

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How are you doing?

8°C, same weather again, but wind makes it colder Reviews: these student interviews are a treat. A point in my job where I can sit with the most wonderful people and ask them : how are you doing?they are committed … Continue reading

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Hope is lost

10°C, cloudy, dry and N winds- same as yesterday. A strangely easy week this; perhaps in lieu of tomorrow.Hope is lost: for the world. Four VI-form girls drove to the supermarket across the road today at lunchtime. A trip less … Continue reading

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Gee an Tea

10°C, grey, calm & dry Staff training day: today we learnt how to teach kids who are gifted and or talented. The baked potatoes were nice, and I had two puddings.

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Christmas pudding

9°C, N-wind, overcast. C=61 miles Rode under E. Midlands airport flightpath, the jets were making the Stuka sound.

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Complicité: Shun-kin

8-12°C, good forecast. London: a trip to the theatre. Entirely performed in Japanese, with minimal sets that seemed to combine stage design of Brecht and traditional Japanese music (Nõ). The first 40 mins took a bit of work to plough … Continue reading

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No wonder…

11°C, still. & No internet at home: how will I survive? there is no alternative, I will have to find something useful to do with my time. The list is long.

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Cat man do

9°C, brighter, no frost. And the cat wonders why he is put outside at night.

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Benjamin Button

5°C, light cloud, some stars. The Curious case of Benjamin Button Was that a long film? It touched on some raw nerves that film. The poignant themes were carried on concept of an odd man who grew younger as those … Continue reading

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To do…

7°C, thin overcast. Not so cold now. List of things to do: get bike wheel rebuilt, frame some photos; finish “reader” portrait; home decorate, More A6 time passing. I have more CDs: The Eels, Johan Johannssen. and one that is … Continue reading

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