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This one tastes of Christmas

5°C, northerly, clear Here is a fine chocolate, there is as much variety in the taste of plain chocolate as there is in Whisky. This one is certainly a single malt: however the Bournville I had in work today wasn’t … Continue reading

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Cwm Cau

6°C, miserable here, better in Powys On the South face of Cadair Idris, the lake Llyn Cau. Yesterday. The snow started at about 1,000ft, it formed a decent ground-cover a few hundred metres higher here at this lake Llyn Cau. … Continue reading

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9°C, has the battery failed in the thermometer? It’s colder than this. 6° probably That SW wind blows strongly some more.Mosquito is a siren (in the UK anyway) that is meant to repel teenagers. Shops and cafes use them to … Continue reading

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45 plus one

9°C, that some wind, the same temperature but coldness looms Look, I have even more chocolate, the sort that keeps me awake at night. Better deploy the self-discipline.

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Another birthday

9°C, more SW winds This wind has been blowing for two weeks. It’s warm, and riding home is fast & effortless. Bet it changes soon.Birthday outing soon, pinning hopes that it lightens after a bad day at work. At the … Continue reading

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Make a survey for up to at least 15 people

9°C, showers, clammy You can work out what’s wrong with the title. Fine morning to unblock a stinking drain. The overspill left a layer of slimy mud below the window which must have been teeming with life. My guess is … Continue reading

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Striped pyjamas

9°C, ‘orrible showers. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas: Film about the son of a Concentration Camp commandant. I don’t mind giving key elements of the plot because the film is so bad that I urge you to avoid it. … Continue reading

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things break

9°C, windy. but fairly dry & warm The list of things needing repairs is growing like snow rolling down a hill purportedly does. The bike has a broken wheel + a twisted chain; a drain is blocked, roof leaks on … Continue reading

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10-13°C. Windy & showers. heavy ones. Watched a borrowed DVD last night that turned out to be a pirate copy. This one was filmed in a cinema, you could hear people coughing and sometimes talking. The little parasite must have … Continue reading

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Flora Britannica

9°C, Dull, dull, dull. Richard Maybe: Flora Britannica is my kind of plant book. It covers plants that are largely native to Britain, though some naturalised ones are covered but it’s different. It isn’t a gardening book. It’s got nothing … Continue reading

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