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11°C Boontybox, a notorious piece of software that requires some considerable getting rid of. Actually I don’t think it’s as bad as the forums’ writers claim. See here This is the error message that the new files generate when the … Continue reading

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Ditch water

7°C, rain clearing from NW As dull as…: I’m aware that some of my recent entries are rather dull lately. Probably because it’s a mistake to just open the blog and write. You really need to think in advance before … Continue reading

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Another green day

18°C, Turpentine: Handprop, day two: which isn’t exactly a day’s work, more like 30 minutes. I have a nagging feeling the figure should be laid out higher on the paper.   Peshka 2: Installed the addon depite warnings about it’s … Continue reading

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16°C Ubisoft paid addon is now available for Forgotten Battles. Pe-2 It’s a massive download at 160Mb, so it better be good. Ubi are using a nasty little download manager, which is probably good for dialup people who suffer broken … Continue reading

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Another green ground

17°C; turpentine: Another green one, roughed out the figure straight away this time. It’s going ot be light, so I will work over this ground to get the lightness that looks right. Only took 20 minutes at most- can’t really … Continue reading

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First day in shorts

20°C, Dreamweaver: busy with that web-tutorial for school today. I really like the new version, it’s so nice to use.   Today is the first day ofg the year where I wear shorts. Anything above 18°C is enough.

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Wrist rest is bost!

14°C, clouds. Bost: Actually it’s not, but it was- I fixed it about an hour ago. I like the sound of that Brummie word, it deserves wider use. In comparison to its origin, it is more omomatoepeic. *Thinks* that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Mostly harmless

15°C, damn thermometer isn’t working, England is….  England ‘addicted to sex and TV’ It comes from the Rough guide as does:"overweight, alcopop-swilling, sex-and-celebrity obsessed television addicts" Don’t know about the alopop…but 25% of UK children are overweight. The rest seems … Continue reading

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Cherie’s hair

£275 a day: Here is a picture of hair that cost £7,700 a month,(read the link).   The Labour Party’s justification: "So what?..we won the election." OK so let’s play a wordgame, I’ll start off with Decadent, corrupt, self-indulgent, wasteful, … Continue reading

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Nightwork rail

13.4°( the thermometer is stuck again), rain. Network rail are keeping us awake at night. They start work on the line at about 11.30, and run a machine on the tracks that runs a noisy desiel engine in a train … Continue reading

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