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Storyville, 13 years on death row.

6°C, dry with white cloud. BBC: A Death Row Tale: The Fear of 13. Quite the most moving thing I have seen on TV for many years. Practically a single scene play with just the narrator. If tells his own … Continue reading

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2°C, thick fog in places. No ride, it’s Monday. Birthday goodness: good timing meant a music CD order arrived on this day. Damien Rice, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, Dustin O’halloran, Piano Sonatas Vol 2, Klasmos, Tindersticks, Ypres, Fred Frith, The … Continue reading

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Chernobyl Diaries

Sat. 18°C, Film- Chernobyl Diaries; a shock-horror film set in Pripyat, Ukraine. As you know, it’s the site of the Chernobyl disaster in the 1980s. The film makers have exploited the eerie atmosphere of that abandoned city and joined the … Continue reading

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Life Of Pi.

10C, some rain. Cycle- Distance: 50.20mi, time: 03:40:21, speed: 13.67mi/h. Pretty low speed ride, but my back is so stiff. This time of year, many cafes are closed. Some don’t open until February. Film- Life Of Pi. A film … Continue reading

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Traffic Police.

9°C, windy. Desperate for a break, this weekend will have to do. Motorway cops- a documentary series on BBC television is easy watching. None of the sensational drama that seems to encourage crime as found on other channels. It did … Continue reading

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David Sedaris

15°C, lots of rain. Glad I did the weekend’s ride on Saturday. Today, rain and a listlesness that suggests an oncoming cold. It’s Autumn now. The new season brings new programmes on the radio- my favourite of Sundays- David Sedaris. … Continue reading

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And All Our Dreams Will End in Death

13°C, heavy rain. CK:36miles Rain delayed enough for a decent ride this morning. I’ve missed riding that bike. BBC Radio 4: they make good plays that are worth listening to on long motorway drives. Saturday. Howard Neal is the story … Continue reading

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16°C, showers & more crispy sun This is the best animation of a pulsar I have yet seen. It does a good job of conveying the rotation rate- 30turns per second. I’d like to know a bit more about who … Continue reading

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3°C, thin but dark skies I’m no aficionado, so it’s new to me this impression of Macbeth. I’m talking about Rupert Goold’s film version. It’s the Cold War Warsaw Pact setting, the uniforms and location. It’s like some hideous Stalinist … Continue reading

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Eternal sunshine

5°C, dense fog. How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d I don’t dislike Jim Carey anymore! The film was just great- … Continue reading

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