Southport beach.

7°C, brisk NW wind.dry, some sun.

I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance:56.91km, time: 03:11:38, pace: 3:22min/km, speed: 17.82km/h.

These tyres are great in the thick mud that is all around at the moment. This ride was over more tarmac than ideal, tyre year is a worry.​

These photos were taken on Southport sea wall. I threw the gloves on the ground so they wouldn’t blow away in the strong wind. I’m starting to get used to the HDR app. It’s best to keep settings low to avoid over-doing the effect.

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Bad weather problem.

1°C, gales, had and snow.
Or, why I have not cycled much this week.​

Fizzy legs prevent sleep, and disrupt concentration. It only comes on when I’ve missed exercise.
This has been a week of gales with gusts of 55mph. Other days have seen ice, and now- snow.

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HDR on a phone.

10°C, cloudy, mostly dry.

No ride
today as I’m fighting off a cold. There is a pattern this winter, no blockbuster colds. Instead, I have these days where I feels oncoming, but then fades away again.

, I downloaded an app for my phone to do HDR photos. Hour an old low cost phone, but the results are okay. You have to be careful with the settings because it’s too easy to overdo the effect.​

It works on low light rooms shots too. However, grain is often exaggerated which makes the picture look dirty.​

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Ride one.

Breezy sunny.

I rode Kona Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 37.63km, time: 01:41:53, pace: 2:42 min/km, speed: 22.16km/h.

This picture is indeed edited with Prisma.

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New year, reset and look forwards.

Currently, my milage list stands at:
Racelite: 394.3
Arrow: 1646.4
Kona Jake: 528
Kona Paddy Wagon: 925.4
Raleigh Mustang: =1,634.9*
Raleigh Mustang; ??, * That figure includes bikes hired on holiday, and miles hiked. I’ll have to work this part out, the relevant speedometer does not record total milage.​

Annual summary.

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That’s it for 2016

I rode with MapMyRide+! Distance: 63.29km, time: 02:52:05, pace: 2:43min/km, speed: 22.07km/h.

Last ride of the year. Adding up the odometers, the total is about 4,500 miles, down considerably on last year. However, I took weeks out for hiking. In the summer holiday, I barely rode at all.
Also, one of my cycle computers doesn’t record total milage so I will rely on the gps app Mapmyride for its summary to be released on New Year’s Day.

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Ignore the last 3km.

7°C,strong W, with even stronger gusts. Clear and sunny.
I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 29.00km, time: 01:37:45, pace: 3:22min/km, speed: 17.80km/h.

Punctured: and got a lift for the last 3km. Shame because the first 16km were good. Good, even in this wind which was stronger and colder than the last outing.

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Between Barbara and Conor.

10°C, westerly gale, mostly dry but grey.
I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 31.77km, time: 02:10:51, pace: 4:07min/km, speed: 14.57km/h.

Barbara is the name given to the second storm of the winter. Conor, the third. Today marks a respite between the two storms which means dry weather, but very strong wind.

I had a mishap ten miles from home. I rode through a puddle, nothing remarkable about that. This one hid a sharp edge which have the whole bike a severe jolt. I was lucky not to fall off but then I looked down. The back tyre was completely flat. The sharp edge caused a pinch puncture that was not repairable.
At this point, I found a brake pad in my hand. Replacing the wheel dislodged the pad. It’s a tiny thing and I have never serviced disk brakes before. I don’t really know how to assemble them and now was not the time to learn how. After some nervous fidgeting it back into the slot, it seemed to work.
I swapped the inner-tube and carefully rode home on a tyre softer than ideal. Low tyre pressure is the likely cause of all this to begin with.

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Storm Barbara.

Stormy, mild winter’s day.

A family day out ice-skating; skating in the city sounds like a nice winter thing to do but it didn’t work like that. The marquee was grossly overcrowded and filled with near deafening pop music. I was filled with the urge to run a mile. A mile wasn’t necessary because the Tate Gallery was only a few hundred metres away. That worked out well enough.
Return to the agreed 3pm spot was interrupted by a strong squally downpour. You could see the approaching white sheets of rain crossing the Mersey. I sheltered behind one of those odd looking buildings you see near docks.
There was just enough shelter to take a few photos with my new pocket camera. It’s a second-hand Fuji X-10 which I got via eBay. It has lots of fun features, panoramic, hdr, colour modes, and a sensor that can take alternative exposure shots at the same time.
Today, I played with low colour and black and white. The bin animation is a composite of the pictures taken with the best-frame feature.

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Wasps’ nest

7°C, sunny and dry. Light wind.

Remember that wasp nest in my house last summer? I decided to investigate it today. The tent was ready to pull open after I cleared the nearby ivy. The interior volume was filled with paper structures to a volume of about 1 litre. The tent gap a hard plastic tube connecting the interior and exterior walls of the building. Lining the tube was a complete layer of paper honeycomb cavities. Inside that layer was a 3 layered structure which was effectively 3 floors. Some of these floor had dead eggs or larvae.​

fascinating isn’t it? Up to last October, I heard their daily routine start at sunrise. The buzzing must have been workers ventilating the nest. All summer, there was that sinister chewing and cutting sound. None of that has affected the vent. It must be the sound of paper construction amplified in the tube.
There aren’t many dead wasps in there. Either they had already left, or the pest treatment dispersed them. I’m glad really. I like to think they lived their year’s lifecycle to its normal conclusion. They disperse after the spawning and live a more solitary life until the first frost.
The tube now has some of the honeycomb shelves back in place. Wasps don’t make nests in old sites so this should deter them next season.
I’ll never know about the other nest, it’s entirely inaccessible in that roof space.

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