A roller-coaster journey.

14°C, sunny but fresh.


Drove the car today. I’m not well enough to cycle.
A spider was busy on the wing mirror through the whole 10 miles. With up to 40 mph headwind, I could see her attempting to build a Web. Then  the car hit a bump and she was gone.
I was devastated, after all that work had she dropped under the wheels of a Vaxhaul? A mile later, the lights were red. Then she came out from the mirror. The relief! That feeling set me up for the whole day.

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End of the day.

13°C, sunny with easterly breeze.
Drawing: put something, anything between work and bed in the evening.


Tiny A6 sketchbook with a cheap propelling pencil. The paper isn’t really this sallow.

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35 minutes of my life.

Heavy rain showers, S breeze. 16°C.
No cycling. I have a cold, so did some drawing tonight.


A6 sketchbook with HB pencil. It took about half an hour. Played Max Richter for about 2 sides.
It came out alright didn’t it?

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15°C, still and sunny.
I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 36.92mi, time: 02:23:08, pace: 3:53min/mi, speed: 15.48mi/h.
Returned in failing light.

Both new lodgers are now moved in. It’s been a year since the last one moved out. On getting home after the bike ride, I had to smile. The place was busy with house-making activity. One was cooking; the other, fixing his room.


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Showrooms no more.

15°C, waves of sun and thin fog.


Finally, no more long hours choosing a car. I went back to VW and put a deposit a Golf estate. Back to the first car after test driving 5 others from Audi and Volvo.

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2nd New lodger.

I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 29.1mi, time: 01:56:19, pace: 4:00min/mi, speed: 15.03mi/h.
Extended tonight’s ride since Parents’ Evening prevented me cycling yesterday. The route was the same as Tuesday’s. This time was a little later, taking me into Bat Time.
Got myself another lodger, that makes two. A young bloke who seems like a true gentleman. After I met him on Monday and showed him the room, I was hopeful that he would accept. He has.


Fruit of my labours. Scrumped from the same tree I pass every evening on the route home.

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Charmed visitor.

Foggy morning, and warm sun later.
This gave me a start this morning.


It was there, on my sleeve as I started to pull my jersey on. I was immediately enchanted. What a wonderful thing to see, it made my day. He’s outside now, birds and bats permitting.
Jess, a friend tells me it’s a Scoliopteryx libatrix (The Herald). They can live in ivy (which does indeed grow by my bedroom window). Possibly, it was looking for somewhere to hibernate, though it seems a bit early for that.

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I’m the rusty one.

17°C, bright, warm and sunny.
Drawing while I wait for a visitor. Boy, do I feel rusty. That feeling of edge-of-the-seat fear that it will come out badly driver you on.


A6 sketchbook, pencil.

I need to do this more often.

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Supermoon lunar eclipse.

7°C, clear and still.
Alarm set for 02.50am. Perfect conditions.


Total lunar eclipse

I leant out the window and saw this. It only took half an hour to get the camera and tripod. My lens is limited to 200mm, so here’s the best I could do.
The supermoon wasn’t really apparent. High in the sky with no nearby reference, the size looked normal to me.

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Ride into the sunrise.

4°C, clear and still.
I rode Cross with MapMyRide+! Distance: 15.8mi, time: 01:25:29, pace: 5:25min/mi, speed: 11.07mi/h.
Relaxing way to start the weekend. This ride, along my favourite canal loop is always different. Today, these wispy cones of mist rise from the still water. I tried to think of a word for them, what about ‘mist-maidens’?


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