Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge.

4°C, sunny start and snow on summits. Hail and snow later.


Diamond Challenge training hike. Climb the three peaks in Yorkshire under 12 hours. Started at Horton-in-Ribblesdale. It’s a very popular event this, the crowds were building when I got there at 6.30. A fell running event was setting up as was  a Sikh Three Peaks Warriors event!
Booted up, we started on 7am dead. The return was at 17.58, eleven hours. We considered that decent when slowed progress on snowy summits and the fell runners race got in the way.
From a personal view, I probably went too fast at the beginning and flagged near the end. Despite saying that, I led most of the day.


MapMyWalk screen, before mapping.

The going was mostly secure. Lower down, there were limestone pavements, in a few places polished like limestone does. All the peaks were, however gritstone.
Gritstone offers good grip even with a thin coating of snow. It’s almost May now, so the ground is warm enough to prevent much ice forming. Most of the white we saw, was soft snow.

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Seeds’ half-life.

2~9°C, bright sun.
Do seeds have a half-life? This window propagator was seeded with Magnolia from an old packet. The use-by date was 2012 and about half have germinated.


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Seed of an idea.

Getting dark now, 5°C and clear.
We walk about 6km/hr on good, flat sooth ground. About 4mph, or 40 miles in 10 hours, 80 in 20.
Would it be possible to walk 100 miles in a day?

That sounds pretty hard-core, but it’s developing into an idea that might be more realistic:
Walk to Lancashire in say 36 hours along the canals.
There’s one that gets you in Runcorn from near here. It’s the Trent And Mersey Canal. Okay, it does weave about a bit, and the route would probably total more than one hundred.
I could pick a summer month that has shorter hours of darkness, short enough not to get through too many batteries for the head-torch.


Just a thought.

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Review: Rocket Ron.

I rode cyclocross with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.10mi, time: 01:33:52, pace: 5:50min/mi, speed: 10.29mi/h.
New tyres: I’ve not ridden the ‘cross bike as much this year. More, recently, a cluster of difficult to fix punctures, and slippery conditions put me off more.
Today, I rode the Jake with new Schwalbe Rocket Rons. Suddenly, it was obvious, the Challenge Grifos were worn out.
What a difference, I have grip back even in deep slimey mud. There are some stretches of this favourite route that have quite deep mud. Next to a canal, you don’t want to loose control. Besides, that water is cold and would ruin my phone.


Rocket Ron 33c.

I shall definitely buy these again. The grip is excellent and with a lighter inner-tube, handling is much improved. I could power through the deeper mud and keep feet dry. Only once did I have to put a don’t down. In the past, I have got off and run alongside the deepest mud.

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Summer wheels.

3~12°C, bright sun and moderate SE breeze.
I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 60.92mi, time: 03:55:28, pace: 3:52min/mi, speed: 15.52mi/h.


Near Hesketh Bank

Good ride, spring sunshine after a cold start. This is the first side on the summer wheels. Remember, this wheelset has a slightly taller gear, 16t instead of 15t. Anyway, I went up to Dalton and they Bannister Lane, same as the past few weeks.
Bannister was harder, but not like last year. I’m lighter now.

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One hour’s blast.

7°C, calm with thin broken cloud. Dry.
I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.21mi, time: 01:00:23, pace: 3:43min/mi, speed: 16.11mi/h.
Early morning ride to set up for the day. I’m stuck in the house marking until teatime, so this should make it bearable. I saved the route as a favourite, it was ideal.

Artificial lights: in a room that’s filled with sunshine, and you’re, say, watching TV. Why would you put the lights on?
I wouldn’t bother, but kids do every day and I’m baffled.
If you’ve experienced this, have you thought to ask ‘why?’?
Maybe, your experience tallies with mine. Unfortunately, the answer doesn’t clarify anything. In fact, over the years, I have never heard anything approaching an explanation.
Today, the reply was just to squirm and mutter ‘I don’t know’. That’s pretty much always the same answer, from different kids too.

I remain baffled. If you have any clues, please reply.

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Roast pigeon, no.

11°C, 4/5 white cloud. Light NW.
I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 27.84mi, time: 01:59:42, pace: 4:18min/mi, speed: 13.95mi/h.
This afternoon lacked the fizzing energy I get sometimes, so a steady ride. Though the bike felt light and nimble, I ‘tapped on the wheel’.
I still feel too stretched out though. It looks like a change to a 10cm stem would solve that.


Pigeon in the chimney,
Opened the flue to find a pigeon’s tail moving about. Poor thing had fallen down the chimney and was trapped.
I got it out wearing rubber gloves and it flew around the room until I could chuck over a blanket. When let out, it took off without difficulty flying without a tail.
What a E.A Poe kind of nightmare. There was a few spots of blood to clean off the window from when it flew round the room trying to escape.
I wonder about its chances of survival, he had plenty of energy but rather battered, bruised and blooded. As long as he can feed himself, then recovery is more likely.
Sorry about the tail.

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Jake, wear.


Is this something to worry about?
The inner chain stays age rubbed down to the bare metal on both sides. This can only happen when the mud buildup on the rear wheel rim is enough.
As the frame material is aluminium, corrosion won’t be a problem. The abrasion has gone through the paint, under-coat and some metal layer.
Besides, the tyres are now new. Previously, punctures were becoming frequent on the rear and grip quite poor.
Schwalbe Rocket Ron types and the same kind of thing as the original pair. Perhaps fewer punctures also.

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Hafod y llan.

0°C, freezing fog at dawn, no wind.
I’m here now, so I may as well have a mountain day.
First night in the Banshee 200. It’s rather cramped, but the small interior is warmer in this cold weather. Outside, that freezing damp air was valley fog. Inside the fly sheet is beaded with condensation. The cramped cabin space made it impossible to avoid contact with the outer. Damp thus got in. The worst effect was cold fingers at breakfast, not a serious problem. That kind of cold that creeps into your shirt is far worse.
The Molwynion is good for somebody who’s tired. The summit I aimed for is about 680m, (roughly) and stands on fairly even rolling area. The climb is an easy one with an interesting scramble to make the final plateau.
People dotted the land; worse, there was a noisy crowd of teenagers on the summit. I kept away.
Lucky break?. You know that slightly sick feeling when you find a favourite glove missing? On broken rocky mountain ground, I decided to go and look for it. Working on the assumption that it was just after the last photograph, I headed back.
The chances of finding it are, on paper, small. However, about 1 km back, there it was, by a fence post. I cheered!
Life is going my way.

Some stats: walk time 8h.49m,
Total climb 853m, 360m/hr.

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Hill and Moorland:3 (result).

6~ 8°C, light W. Sunny with only 1 shower.
it seemed to go well on the hill today. No mistakes and additional skills were cleared easily. The kit check was fine, I even showed off my water filter.
The tension of last night was relieved in this morning’s briefing. The assessor regarded my errors as repaired after I identified them.
So the day went ahead. My tension reduced. Until the hour before final debrief that is.
Last outing: north Carneddau again. Another rolling grassland, this is Hill and Moorland after all. My navigation legs were fairly easy and error free so I could relax and enjoy myself again.

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