Punctured night.

5°C, light NE, no rain but damp roads.
I rode mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 26.82km, time: 01:38:33, pace: 3:40min/km, speed: 16.33km/h.


It’s not always obvious what to do when you get a puncture, when it’s dark and there are no light-up places to fix the tyre. I decided to inflate with the pump because the deflation was slow to start with. Unfortunately, it got faster.
Stopping so re-inflate 3 times isn’t so bad, but the time between each was getting significantly shorter. The last one was less than a 1km.I walked the last 4km home.

Next day, I did the repairs. The thorn that was quite, was surprisingly long and difficult to remove. These puncture-proof tyres make pulling thorns out very tricky. If you don’t get it all out, the new inner-tube goes flat immediately. Retrospectively, the choice to walk was probably right.

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Road crescents

Dry, rather cool at 7°C with light NE breeze.

Rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 68.90km, time: 03:00:32, pace: 2:37min/km, speed: 22.90km/h.


At the cafe stop.

Rode the Arrow for the first time in nearly 6 months.I’m riding the Raleigh gravel bike to work now so the Arrow has been neglected. I was beginning to think that I may not need that bike anymore

This morning, all I had to do was blow tyres up and take the carrier off, and then get on.

However, it did actually feel rather strange when I did get going. The riding position felt odd over the bars. After a few miles I rank into the right position and ‘found my legs’. That seat will have to go forward, raising it wasn’t enough. It’s okay to have differences is position on the various bikes, but this change is too much. I expect a similar feeling when starting out on the Mustang next week. At least the brakes and gear-change are good.

Conclusion, it’s going to be good to keep this bike as a specific winter ride.

Strange phenomenon, every so often, I noticed crescent shaped patches of wet road as I came home. There were dozens of them, full road width and distinct from the otherwise dry tarmac.​

Here is one, I laid my bike next to it for scale.

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A change of wheels.

9°C, grey with a light shower at the end.
I rode Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 80.95km, time: 03:17:49, pace: 2:27min/km, speed: 24.55km/h.


Late start because of the time it takes to fit winter wheels. While doing that, I fitted the winter tyres to the cyclo-cross bike. Thanks are getting boggy and slippery now and will remain so until about April.
Today’s side felt good. Although I averaged 16mph, it was the feel that mattered. Over 50 miles, I had energy right to the end. I wasn’t left quivering at the top of each climb and I was happy to put on a burst out of the saddle to keep the pace up.
Better than last week then.

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Short cruise on the ‘cross.

I rode the Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 26.15km, time: 01:31:07, pace: 3:29min/km, speed: 17.22km/h.


At the end of a day with a groggy head. This cold outing cleared my mind somewhat.
It’s certainly time to change to winter tyres. The mud is soft enough to make gravel tyres too slippery. I can still remember how much better the Schwalbe Rocket Rons are than the original set. They are notably slower on tarmac however.

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3: Carned y Gribeau and broken bridges.:

9°C. fog and no wind, no change from yesterday.

Wild-camp-> end: Woke to more fog and the sound of grouse. The night was utterly silent apart from the gurgling of the spring. Occasional soft drizzle and the odd waft in the calm air.

Back to the fenceline and head north. Back at L. Edno was a big pile of rubbish caught in a fence. The day before, made a note of this and returned to clear as much as possible. My storage was limited because I had my own rubbish, but I got the worst of it.
Next, walk north along the fences again. Net a fell runner heading south who seemed a bit troubled by the navigation. I know the conditions are tricky, but all he has to do is follow the fence line. His route round Edno is unnecessary, and probably slippery.
I continued passed the bwlch onto Carned y Gribeau. There was a brief moment of clear air which urged me on. The summit has a nice little lake which made a good place to shelter and eat.​
 For a small lake, it was amazingly deep. Even at the edge, I could plunge a fully extended walking pole.

The descent was aimed for the footbridges at SH673560. the ground in that area was horrible to walk on, lots of plunge holes and hidden streams. It was a struggle to get there only to find the bridges long destroyed and deeply rusted. Take note, they are clearly marked on the OS map, but not on Harvey’s.

Eventually, back at the car, I was glad to get my wet boots off and dip in the lake to wash my feet. You have to treat wet feet as soon as you can to prevent unspeakable problems later.

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2:Wild camp in the Molwynion

11°C, hill fog above 300m. Light SW.
By the time I broke camp at Hadfod y Llan, and re-packing my expedition bag, it was 11am.
I parked by Llyn Gwynant and started the day’s walk. The first part was through dense forest. Autumn looks different here, colours on the ground are very vivid. Even in the forest, bracken was almost fluorescent. I should have stopped to take more photos but the day’s walk is long.
Wild-camp after a 5 ½ hour walk in hill-fog. START: Llyn Gwynant then walk up the woodland to the hills (SE). Hillfog above 300m, no wind so no change.

Pitched at the top of Cwm Edno.

Lots of micro-nav Llyn llagi was invisible though I could hear it. I actually found the turn to make the gully onto the plateau. I missed it last time in clear summer air. I managed to pass Llyn yr Adair without seeing that either. Heading east, eventually I met the fenceline to confirm my position. There is a real complex of hollows, valleys mounds and mountains here. An area worth more exploration.
Northwards eventually, I got to Llyn Edno, my intended camp. To avoid the cool breeze, I headed down to Cwm Edno and found an ideal spot next to a spring.

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Why I hate shopping.

10°C, cool easterly dry wind.
It’s mostly the disappointment. Shopping is about making choices, you go into a shop and either choose something that doesn’t fit, or you choose to leave the shop.
It doesn’t matter whether I want clothes or  a sleeping bag. Most clothes are either sized for medium people, or for fat people. Clothes for larger men are the same as medium except that have fat belly space. Sleeves are usually the same length as are trouser legs. Short sleeves and legs don’t have adjustable hems any more.​

A capella, acapulca, a poodle-goat, as you can see.

Sleeping bags are sometimes available in long lengths. I say available, but that doesn’t mean any shops have them in stock, it doesn’t even mean the importer has any either. The sleeping bag I want may be available by the end of February.
Are you getting a sense of why I don’t like shopping?

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Long cross day.

Rode the Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 64.00km, time: 05:56:49, pace: 5:35min/km, speed: 10.76km/h.


Six hours in the saddle, but it didn’t start well. I left home along cycle tracks and picked up a puncture from thorns. Punctures are always annoying. More so from a cycle route, the hedges were trimmed and not swept. Fume.
The tyres on my cross bike have self sealing tubes which should heal up after re-inflating a couple of times. Six stops and pumping air is enough., clearly it wasn’t working. Eventually, I put a patch on the tube and that sealed it. However, the pump wasn’t working properly by now. It’s a two action pump and soon stopped compressing air in one direction. The other direction would only pump on the pull stroke, so I couldn’t get all the pressure I wanted.
Soon, I was on the Chase, a bouldery forestry land. Fortunately, the stones are rounded (Bunta Pebble Bed) which reduces tyre damage.
Anyway, the ride:
Coming down from Castle Ring is am area not covered by the map I took. Looking up, I could see the clouds sweeping from the east (I didn’t have a compass either). Finding north wasn’t difficult, finding a suitable path that didn’t peter out was less reliable. One section led to a tall fence, tall enough to stop Red Deer (there are some here). To escape that dead end, I rode through what looked like a reclaimed quarry. The rain stopped.
A day riding off-road beats your arms. All that vibration and resisting it by bracing is eventually tiring. If I did this enough, my arms would certainly build up.The return leg, by canal was lovely. All that sunshine blazing through the best of autumn colours was spectacular. A fine day.

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Canal 25, clockwise.

I rode the cyclocross with MapMyRide+! Distance: 25.88km, time: 02:02:36, pace: 4:44min/km, speed: 12.67km/h.


Habits can be hard to break, especially when you don’t think about them. Today, my Saturday early ride was changed simply by taking the route the opposite way round. It made all the difference.
We’re getting closer to winter, the ground is becoming softer, almost too soft for these tyres. For now, these gravel treads will do, but the winter knobbies will be needed soon.

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Need a holiday.

12°C, dry and fresh, dark early.

I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 29.98km, time: 01:30:04, pace: 3:00min/km, speed: 19.97km/h.


Moody sunset.

I need a holiday. I feel tired physically such that even running up the stairs is hard. But on the ride, my head felt better as the miles wheeled by. Towards the end, putting on a burst was quite a pleasure. So its head tiredness, not legs.

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