The Ship

Brian Eno: The Ship, double LP.


The record player is working again. No fix from me, it’s intermittent. I suspect a poor connection to the motor. It uses a 2 phase regulated supply from a built in circuit board. The fault mist lie there.
First play sounds good for late evening listening.

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12°C, dry bright and light wind.
I rode with MapMyRide+! Distance: 25.42km, time: 01:18:02, pace: 3:04min/km, speed: 19.54km/h.
Before riding home today, I took part in an athletics session. Specifically, I went to try javelin. Along with archery, I have quite fancied this for years.
I was rubbish, but got better significantly during the time. There were too many things to coordinate. Steps cross over, twist, lunge and release angle. More practice required.

The ride back was okay. The rear wheel didn’t hold pressure very well. Changing the tyre seems to have disturbed the self sealing inner-tube.
Apart from that, I had less energy available than usual. My legs still feel tight from the weekend.
I need to taper towards the weekend too. In-Pinn plus 3-Peaks is soon upon us.

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Wild camp, d2.

12°C, bright and fresh morning.
Woke at 6. It’s bright and dry. The geese are getting territorial on the lake. Two more arrived while I ate breakfast and the incumbents fought them off.


It’s dry enough to reorganise my bag, check kit and fix up some food. I even remembered to bring a sachet of milk for the coffee.
For the remains of the day, I wanted to make the summit of Rhinog Fawr.
By 8.30, I was ready to set off. My progress was careful. Nobody knows where I am, and there is nobody for at least 5 miles. No accidents please.
I headed over to Llyn Ddu. This is where the first rain started. That’s it then, scrap the summit, there’s no point. In that case, I will use the day to carefully navigate back.


Rolling hill fog occasionally blankets the surrounding hills. These are not great heights, perhaps no more than 500m.
Finally, returned to the car by 1.30 pm, in bright sun. The car was not alone, nor was it a burnt out shell.
A fine way to finish.

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Llyn Morwynon. Wild camp.

12°C, brighter and some cloud descending. Light breeze.
What has happened to Cwm Bwycam campsite. The portaloos have gone, and the signs. Walk around the field and there’s no sign of tents in the grass. Nothing. It’s sad to see it like this. I used to come here every year, sometimes several times. Places from memories, the crowded trips, I’ve quiet lonely ones. I learnt some tricks here from some trainee RAF guys, and they did from me. The site was managed by an old guy from the Midlands. He was a cyclist and would talk about bikes at the least opportunity.
Let’s hope that it reopens.

Wild camp. Found an ideal spot by the lake. It took about 1h 45m to get here from Cwm Bycam.


It’s so peaceful here, barely a sound. There are a few geese on the water, and I can hear a distant cuckoo.
Deeply relaxing, especially after a strenuous morning.

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Snowdon, and a cuppa.

11°C, rain easing, but when you start to relax, down it comes.
Up early, woken by cuckoos. Put the tent away while slightly drier, but it’s still drenched.
The car tyre is flat after last night’s re-inflation. It didn’t hold. I decided to swap in the spare after my morning espresso.
I met up with the others, half an hour late and threw my kit on. We started at about 8.15.
With speed we headed off. I don’t think I’ve been this way, it’s a nice enough route. Hill fog was dense above 500m and rain was in future force by the summit. 1h 58 min. got us there.
We decided to stop in the cafe. I have never been inside the new place. Strange, it wasn’t packed out. Did the weather put some off?
I was noticeably slower on the descent. As always, I’m less confident coming down and feel the need for more certainty on each foot fall.
Round trip, 3h40 roughly. Okay considering kid heavy rain and strong winds. Actually, the wind wasn’t much of a problem.

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Crafllyn site: Rhyd Ddu

16°C, clouding over. Rain in the west.
Heading for Snowden. Left work early and aiming for a camp in the village. The plan is to meet Chris and Em in the early morning to climb Snowdon. We’re taking a route from the west to use it out.
I decided to head out tonight so I have no long drive early in the morning.
This is all training for the 3-Peaks next week. Therefore, we should make good speed.
Made camp. Ate in the pub in RD, fantastic food, better than many restaurants.
The forecast now says this heavy rain will continue until midday tomorrow. Then it dries for a few days.
The car has a puncture.

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Looks like summer, but it’s cold.

I rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 84.86km, time: 03:18:54, pace: 2:21min/km, speed: 25.60km/h.
That’s 52 miles to you.


A field in Dalton, where an intimidating sign warned off trespassers. Looking left, the eye is drawn to the door of a sandstone church. Looking ahead, I could see all the way to Wales. It was that clear.
That was a very satisfying ride, it felt easy to life the pace as the bike felt light. That’s partly the summer wheels, partly the fine, energising sunshine.
It’s remarkable how quickly the summer takes hold.

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I’m going metric.

I rode Cyclocross with MapMyRide+! Distance: 31.24km, time: 01:33:30, pace: 3:00min/km, speed: 20.05km/h.
To tie in with hiking, I will try recording rides in metric. It’s going to take some getting used to.
Besides, the Jake has new tyres, a pair of gravel tyres, Schwalbe CX.


Somewhere in West Lancs.

For today’s conditions, they were perfect. Rolling is much better on tarmac and hard tracks. There are plenty of those this time of year. The only problem I had was a slow puncture caused by disturbing the slime inner-tube.
What a gorgeous day, not warm but blazing bright sun and fees blue.

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Innoo solar battery pack

Review: relatively low cost for its power storage, and fairly robust. I chose this one because I need recharging on the go, especially backpacking. Last week, I ran it down to one car with 3 charges, mine and other people’s phones.
Since then, it’s been propped up on a south facing window sill in bright sunny May conditions.
Seven days later, it has built up 1 more bar of charge. I accept that these charge indicators are arbitrary, but will it really take three weeks to charge up in full sunshine?


After 1 week in full sun.

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50 miles cyclocross.

24°C, light SE, bright sun very dry.
I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 49.43mi, time: 04:02:36, pace: 4:55min/mi, speed: 12.22mi/h.
The route shows several diversions, they were to collect water. Today was hot, the speedo read 28°C and the Jake has only one water bottle mount. At least those canals have lots of places to stop and re-fill.
The ground is hard with all that mud dried out. It’s actually quite jarring on hands.
It’s certainly time to fit the summer gravel tyres. They should be faster, soother and probably more hard wearing.

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