Sgorr Dearg, 1024m

13°C, brisk SW Bringing showers late afternoon.

Part of the Ballachulish horseshoe. Met a group of guys from around north Manchester getting ready for a walk. I asked where they were going to go. They showed me on a route card, so I said yes to their invite.
I was delighted after a somewhat sluggish start. Those leaden clouds were quite off-putting.
The guys were all retired from work and lifelong fell runners. Their experience bodes well.

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Whittington canal.

17°C, sunny dry but cooler.

I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 29.12km, time: 01:47:19, pace: 3:41min/km, speed: 16.28km/h.

Reverse route plus some. The towpaths are still dry and very hard.

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Rolling out the green carpet.

14°C, sunny to start.

Turf rolls are best staggered to make the joins less vulnerable.​

This photo was taken at lunchtime, which means rolling out took about two hours, plus a bit.

The final step is to seive fine topsoil along the joints to encourage the rolls to grow into each other. Eventually. The whole lot should form a shingle mat.

Stopping now, I have a stiff back and I’ve run out of chocolate. All done for £126 and I’ve got 4 rolls left over. Do you want them?

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Laying a lawn II

16°C, sunny and dry.

So far, the topsoil
is down and level. I’m writing this while I wait for the sprinkle of water to sink in. The top soil arrived yesterday was very dry and quite dusty. In fact, it was really quite warm.​
Raking out was fairly easy. I used a long piece of wood to check for level.
Ready for rolling.

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How many barrows?

18°C, sunny with some heavy showersDelivery: this time, the lorry can’t get around the back. All those years ago, I had 6 tons of gravel delivered to cover the mud lawn. When I used to have dogs, they would run mud into the house each winter.​
So how many wheel barrows did it take to move one ton of topsoil to the back garden?

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Burst, then fixed with carpet tape.

I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 41.58km, time: 01:47:52, pace: 2:36min/km, speed: 23.13km/h.

A speedy whizz through the lanes to freshen up. But in the thirteenth mile: bang!
The rear tyre burst. Fibres were sticking out like hair. The hole was about 8mm diagonally across the tyre. I found myself outside a house that looked promising however. Maybe they have some carpet tape.
And so they did, I took 4 pieces to patch the inside of the tyre. Friendly people, thankyou for that.
Outside, in the sunshine g applied the tape. I laid four layers, each one smaller to spread out the tension.
I rode home gingerly, nervous that it would blow again. Basset tape has strong glue but it can creep. It could move enough to allow the inner tube to bubble out.
That’s okay unless it happens somewhere critical like a junction.

Anyway, I got home without event.

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The canal, again.

18°C, grey and very humid, misty.

I rode The Jake  with MapMyRide+! Distance: 28.54km, time: 01:23:37, pace: 2:56min/km, speed: 20.48km/h.

Brisk and slightly slippery.

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Bleaklow and a crash site.

16°C, some showers, some sun. Mostly grey.

I hiked with MapMyRide+! Distance: 13.53km, time: 03:34:10, pace: 15:50min/km, speed: 3.79km/h.

With Carl and Chris to practice nav. techniques. My GPX track does not include the first 1/3. S). Shame because we practiced timing, pacing (including leap-frogging to find features like ponds and ring-contours. We could place ourselves within 10 meters, and estimated grid references matched OS locate each time. The whole thing was very reassuring, especially for the others because they will do the HML assessment in a few weeks. Good luck, though they may not need it. I haven’t booked my ML(s) assessment yet, I’m not ready, there are too many variables in my life right now.
Oh, and the crash site was very interesting too. It was a B29 bomber that hit the hill in 1948. See more details here. We were all struck by how big it is. Details were noticed too, there are ripples and drips in the aluminium where the metal melted that day. We wandered about looking at various pieces of metal and mentally trying to work out what each piece was. the engines were easy, as were the undercarriage.BleaklowB29
By now, we were all tired, it was getting late and I was hungry. Therefore, we chose the easiest route back to the car.

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Azure sky, to ride under one.

20°C, light W breeze, deep blue sky and dry.

I rode Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 55.83km, time: 02:14:53, pace: 2:25min/km, speed: 24.84km/h.​

Started off as a plod, but got quicker as I felt better.
This turned into a perfect day. My energy remained on tap and the pace sustained. It was the colour that blazed so vividly that impressed so much.
Beautiful day.

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Clear blue.

18°C, brisk W, deep blue sky.

I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 27.64km, time: 01:26:27, pace: 3:08min/km, speed: 19.18km/h.

A recovery ride, not much energy flowed but I got round. The route is the same last week on the cross bike. The total time map only buddy minutes worse despite the heavier bike too.

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