It’s still cold.

I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.5mi, time: 01:07:07, pace: 4:05min/mi, speed: 14.7mi/h.
Air quickly chilled tonight. Clear sky has let the little warmth escape into the blue. Venus lies near the thin crescent moon, a reminder of Friday’s eclipse.
I thought there would be more energy in my legs today, but no.


An idea, what about riding the cross bike in on the last day. After an earlier than usual finish, I could ride home on canals to get back.

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Breaking: cyclist jumps red light.

7°C, mostly dry.
Yesterday, I ran a red light. I had no choice. At the lights at Stanley Gate in Lancashire is on a normal four way junction. I approached from the north and stopped on red. Then the lights went through the changes twice before it became obvious that my side were staying red.
I would still be there now if I waited for them to turn green.

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One more mile.

I rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 58.3mi, time: 03:37:10, pace: 3:43min/mi, speed: 16.2mi/h.
Spring ride no.1: and it was a good one. With the summer wheels fitted and fresh brake blocks, the bike was ready. And, so was I.


There seems to be less gyroscope effect on these wheels. Out of the saddle, the whole bike is easier to thresh side to side while climbing or adding speed.

Only wish I added a few extra miles to make sixty.

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Bostin headache.

8°C, light NW, white cloud.
I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.2mi, time: 01:08:00, pace: 4:12min/mi, speed: 14.3mi/h.
Took one of the shorter routes back to my sanctuary. A headache started in the last hour at work. It lifted during the ride but returned later.
In fact, it went all night. A line of tense scalp and fuzzy mind affair. Could it be a migraine?
Even the following morning it was still present.
This gear is ready to roll now. 10 cogs have tiny teeth and the ratios are close together in this set: 11-25. The cassette doesn’t feel that heavy, but to be sure, I will put the wheel on the scales.

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My eclipse.

8°C, light NW, Clear.
Started cloudy on the ride in. But as the miles passed, clouds cleared. That boosted my optimism and correspondingly -speed.
The eclipse began just as I got out of the shower.


My pictures were taken on a mobile phone, but the images were projected from a telescope.


By the time the coverage was maximum 95%, we all felt quite cold. At school, we lined up the kids to view through through sun shades provided by the science department.
For me, a great eclipse.

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Puncture 14.

I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.44mi, time: 01:09:37, pace: 4:14min/mi, speed: 14.2mi/h.
Unbelievable, fourteenth puncture of the year! That’s more than I usually get in five years. I know random events easily occur in clusters, but that doesn’t stop the annoyance.
About ten years ago, this happened. I remember at least one per week for months on end.
I never found out why.
I was rather nervous for the last 6 miles tonight, my spare tubes were used up. As often in the past, I haven’t had a single puncture. They often come in twos. The replacement tube goes in, then the air, then the pressure goes back down.
If I were a beginner to this cycling lark, this many punctures could be enough to make me give up.

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Racelite, first outing.

I rode Racelite 8 with MapMyRide+! Distance: 26.6mi, time: 01:48:53, pace: 4:06min/mi, speed: 14.7mi/h.
Dry and cold: so took the summer bike out for the first time this year. It was more a test ride than anything. I certainly did not have energy to do anything ambitious.
It handled well but gear changes were heavy.
That cold easterly didn’t help. It’s going to take ages to warm up after. It’s times like these I wish there was a bath in my house.
Chores for later: with a good selection of cleaners and oils, this bike offer neglect reversal. The rear mech is bunged up with dry black paste. The cables seem worst, dry lube is good for that. I didn’t find dry lube works well on a chain (maybe on a track bike).

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Wheels weighed.

7°C. Light cool wind. Grey overcast.
New wheels, for the cross bike when commuting. I had them built up with Schwalbe tyres which promise resistance to punctures.

They are not especially light, and don’t need to be. They simply have to be reliable.
This Thought prompted me to weigh some of my wheelsets. I decided to weigh the front wheel since the gear cassette makes quite a difference when the ratios are not similar.
•CX disc with cross tyres: 1.83Kg#
•Raleigh disc with Schwalbe: 1.69 Kg
•Shimano Deore with Mavic A319 rims: 1.55Kg
•Shimano STX with Alexia: 1.26Kg
•Shimano R500 wheelset:1.23 Kg
•Mavic Aksium: 1.21 Kg

#These wheels are currently fitted with Slime inner-tubes which are considerably heavier than plain tubes.

Simply putting wheels on the scales is naive, the rotational momentum is often more important. I expect the CX wheels will fare worst on this score too. But with 11 punctures in their first month, I see no choice. It looks like both disc wheels have heavy hubs, but I am not troubled by that.
As expected, the Aksium came out best, but not by a huge margin.

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A badger.

6°C, still, dry and clear.
I rode Arrow home with MapMyRide+! Distance: 30.4mi, time: 02:00:10, pace: 3:56min/mi, speed: 15.3mi/h.
After an annoying afternoon at work trying to get mailmerge to work properly, I rode home. Conditions were ideal, very dry, no real wind and not too cold.
Legs were full of energy, and I enjoyed the feeling of speed in 0in cool dark air of evening. In these dry conditions, the dust on roads is white. This is great, the lights have more effect, they reach further.
Today, despite a slow puncture, I totalled 40 miles. Result.

To cap it all, I caught a badger in the headlights. He scurried along the edge of a hedge. Curiosity, this was the same stretch of road that I encountered the bat last year.
Remember, I rode there and a bat flew along immediately in front of me in the same direction. Remember how enchanted I was?
The badger was charming too.

I like riding at night.

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1,000th mile.

I rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 34.9mi, time: 02:16:11, pace: 3:59min/mi, speed: 15.1mi/h.
Rain held me back for the morning, leaving less time to build some miles today. That means that on paper, the ride is unremarkable. But at least it marks the thousandth mile done before easter.

All those rides on the cross bike mean I had almost forgotten how comfortable the fixed gear bike is, especially on long rides.

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