Metric Century.

11ºC, grey but not too dull. light SW breeze.

I rode Arrow; with MapMyRide+! Distance: 112.27km, time: 05:05:28,
pace: 2:43min/km, speed: 22.05km/h. That’s 68 miles to you. I should have done 2 more.

Spring is tentatively poking its nose out of the opening in its sleeping bag. Here are yellow tips of these miniature daffodils. Today’s warm weather (11°C), is blowing up the southern approaches from tropical climes. For me, that means no cold feet on a long ride.

The returning 10 miles was really hard. I haven’t done many rides over 40 miles this year so perhaps it’s inevitable. Oh, and I rode yesterday, the day before and before that. Normally, Saturday used to be a rest day.

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A usual Saturday.

7°C, cold SW breeze but it’s drying up.

I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 26.42km, time: 01:46:22, pace: 4:02min/km, speed: 14.90km/h.

The usual canal loop. The mud was deeper and more watery. However, that’s not so bad because the gloop fell off the bike more easily.
I saw fewer dog walkers than usual for a dry day. One commented ‘it’s probably easier to ride on the road’. True, but I want practice riding on mud, I can only get more skillful.

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Shower doors can explode.

Tempered glass doors sometimes can shatter violently. It only takes a slight flaw, a break, a scratch or an imperfection.​

Ours burst with a roar about ten minutes after going to bed. Nobody was in the bathroom and the door was shut. It may be relevant that the central heating had gone off so the house was cooling off into the night. Nobody used the shower for at least 12 hours and we’re not aware of any damage that could have started this.

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Afternoon on the Moss.

8°C, light S breeze.dry and some sun.
I rode the Paddy Wagon with MapMyRide+! Distance: 34.35km, time: 01:26:31, pace: 2:31min/km, speed: 23.82km/h.​

Down to 13 St 9lbs. I’d better not get any lower than this at this time of year. The last part of my ride saw energy vanish. I haven’t eaten enough.

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Another A6 sketch.

A 6 paper. About 20 minutes plus a few revisits.

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Haven’t done one of these for ages.

HB propelling pencil onto 26 book.

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5°C, sunny but something is changing

These things are charming.

I’m some books, mosses are categorised as primitive plants (non-vascular, and like the lichens, they don’t have roots). That means, as a group,  they’re actually very old. Their sophistication is perhaps, not visible. Internally, I suspect, they have advanced features.
They are easy plants to keep, you don’t have to ‘plant’ them, nor prune or feed them. Just leave a pot somewhere damp and then ignore it. A badly drained saucer will help. You probably have mosses growing in hidden parts of your house, most probably the gutters.
If only we could stop and look closely more often.

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Mid-winter outing.

I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 57.97km, time: 02:34:39, pace: 2:40min/km, speed: 22.49km/h.

Doing shorter rides in this cold weather. This morning was still icy so I waited. This gives me smaller slot to complete a ride before it becomes dark. The 19th of January is on average, the coldest day in the northern hemisphere. For now, some cold, foggy days.
Normally, I’d manage the cold by riding for about two hours then taking a cafe break to warm up. This week, I’m under pressure with work stress.

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Cold deep mud.

2°C, grey and still. No rain.

I rode cyclocross Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 24.25km, time: 01:42:43, pace: 4:14min/km, speed: 14.17km/h.

Look at that flash of red. A tree, with broken branches. The scarlet wound stood out from the steely grey autumn landscape. I cannot get over to look closer, the canal is a complete barrier.

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Southport beach.

7°C, brisk NW wind.dry, some sun.

I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance:56.91km, time: 03:11:38, pace: 3:22min/km, speed: 17.82km/h.

These tyres are great in the thick mud that is all around at the moment. This ride was over more tarmac than ideal, tyre year is a worry.​

These photos were taken on Southport sea wall. I threw the gloves on the ground so they wouldn’t blow away in the strong wind. I’m starting to get used to the HDR app. It’s best to keep settings low to avoid over-doing the effect.

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