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No punctures in Lancs

8°C, W winds, no clouds (yesterday) CK:44 miles. They don’t get as much showery weather as us- it’s the coastal climate I’d say. To pay back for that, there are the stronger westerly winds. Nice long cycle ride in the … Continue reading

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Corylus longer

4~6°C, soft drizzle. 54Miles. Hazel catkins announce the coming spring this year. Wait for the minute female flowers, the real pearl is there.

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Double holiday

6°C, downpour morning, grey afternoon Said to lodger: “You know a breadbin is meant for bread, nothing else, just bread?; Not for carrots, or tomatoes, just bread“ I don’t know why this happens, this kind of thing. If I did … Continue reading

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five degrees

5°C, grey & no real wind Good enough for rides to work, barely any ice and all this is a rut the skies are stuck in. Will the half term really be that wet?

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Amores Perros

Wind howling down the chimney, I can see rain out there. RottenTomatoes, they cover much of what’s to be said about this. My impression? Violent, reasonably well shot, long, but I missed a character that I could like. Perhaps there … Continue reading

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We’re emerging.

10°C, sunny/ 48 miles The garden awakes from its slumber, the sun is uninterrupted & the air warm. Better ride then, before cold air & rain of tomorrow arrives. We’re emerging from that cloying stigian darkness. How delightful to get … Continue reading

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A principle?

8°C, drizzle Parliament is arguing over Prisoners’ right to vote BBC. It seems to be emotive stuff for some, but not I. I just don’t see what difference it makes either way. Apparently, few prisoners vote anyway- they are largely … Continue reading

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Mr Crud

7°C, heavy rain The heavens have opened, and stayed open. That cold has largely gone, at least enough to make riding the bike appealing; if only the rain would stop. Mr Crud mudguards are fiddly to fit. There are lots … Continue reading

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Crime maps

+10°C, WEW light & thin cloud. The Police’s crime map site promises to tell you about crime in your local area. the website is overloaded right now, probably because it was featured on BBC news. There are thousands of idle … Continue reading

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