Double holiday

6°C, downpour morning, grey afternoon

Said to lodger:
You know a breadbin is meant for bread, nothing else, just bread?;
Not for carrots, or tomatoes, just bread

I don’t know why this happens, this kind of thing. If I did understand, then I’d feel none of the fizzy irritation that I get now.


Now on holiday, a much longed for break though I woke at 05.30 feeling refreshed. I can get lots done today. It’s a double because the lodger is away for the week.

Amores Perros

Wind howling down the chimney, I can see rain out there.

RottenTomatoes, they cover much of what’s to be said about this. My impression? Violent, reasonably well shot, long, but I missed a character that I could like. Perhaps there was one or two, but even so, the lead men left me wishing something bad would happen to them. But hold on, something does!

Now for some peaceful gardening- A peony, and 4 others in a bag that means I can’t remember which is which. Each is just a muddy rootball wrapped in plastic. I dunno.

A principle?

8°C, drizzle

Parliament is arguing over Prisoners’ right to vote BBC. It seems to be emotive stuff for some, but not I. I just don’t see what difference it makes either way. Apparently, few prisoners vote anyway- they are largely apolitical, as groups of people go. Perhaps I shouldn’t forget that new class of prisoners- the corrupt MPs. Should they vote- I’d say no. the prisoners are quite excited by this story, there is talk of them receiving compensation for their violation of human rights (under the UDHR). No wonder they’re excited, they’re in for some free money (villans like that).

Maybe will ride tomorrow, okay I care about something. It’s been a few weeks since I rode to work, and the physiotherapy is not exactly easy. I was hugely relieved when they said I should continue with normal exercise- but I have to add some daily heel-ups to strengthen my tendons.

get the dog-hair out with this.Domestic: this halves the time to takes to clean this house. Cylinder vacuums are good at getting dust out, but the dog-hair clings like velcro. Hope it lasts a reasonable amount of time.

Mr Crud

7°C, heavy rain
The heavens have opened, and stayed open. That cold has largely gone, at least enough to make riding the bike appealing; if only the rain would stop.
Mr Crud mudguards are fiddly to fit. There are lots of components to screw together with tiny thumbscrews and it all seems a bit flimsy. It is light though and as long as it’s aligned, they should be almost unnoticeable.
LATER: 40 miles ride and another puncture. That’s the last time i ride on a cycle-track. The 17 tooth cog seems about right, though nothing is right in today’s wind.

Crime maps

+10°C, WEW light & thin cloud.

The Police’s crime map site promises to tell you about crime in your local area. the website is overloaded right now, probably because it was featured on BBC news. There are thousands of idle people attempting to elevate their fear of crime because they don’t have enough to worry about.

…or something.