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HML assessment: day 2.

6°C, some sun to begin, snow after lunch turning heavy. I’m starting to enjoy myself now. My leads were ‘spot on’. Again, a couple of errors crept in while following. The Assessor thought my geology presentation was ‘enjoyable’. On the … Continue reading

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Hill and Moorland Assessment:1

6°C, grey start with brisk W, In a double room with a stranger, his name is Dave and he seems okay. I felt a little more than awkward. Kate last evening, I introduced myself to two others in the bar. … Continue reading

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Climbing wall 2

6°C, some light rain, Second climbing wall session with Carl. Consolidated last week’s techniques. We need to climb above 4+ for the In Pinn. We did climbs with overhang, with ledges and corners. The best we did was 6b, the … Continue reading

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First bumbus.

I rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 49.63mi, time: 03:17:30, pace: 3:59min/mi, speed: 15.08mi/h. Perfect conditions for a spring ride. Both Dalton and Bannister hill were crested comfortably. The latter, slightly less so than last week. The rest of the … Continue reading

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High Blood pressure, or not? Playing with a blood pressure gadget at home. I  got three readings within a few minutes: 172/93 x77 144/78 x92 111/81 x113 100/63 x 120 Systolic/diastolic x heartrate. Perhaps best ignore this device. The standard … Continue reading

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Wolf Mountain Climbing Centre.

6°C, light N, grey with light rain. It’s been 20 years since I did any rock climbing. Back then, I lived in Bristol and climbed in the Gorge. I swapped to cycling when it became apparent that it wouldn’t work … Continue reading

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1,000th mile.

7°C, NE chilly breeze. I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 18.40mi, time: 01:23:07, pace: 4:31min/mi, speed: 13.28mi/h. Started this morning’s commute with 999.9 miles on the collective clock. The first mile, barely out of my home road clocked up … Continue reading

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First proper day of spring.

14°C, light wind and clear sky, mostly. Ideal conditions. I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 55.06mi, time: 03:36:22, pace: 3:56min/mi, speed: 15.27mi/h. Bannister Hill, Dalton and a decent pace for the rest of the day. Result. A local rider … Continue reading

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Georg Friedrich Haas.

5°C, heavy rain, this morning’s flooding is the worst of the winter here. Hear and Now – Donaueschingen Musiktage 2015 – @BBCRadio3 “> Remember how entranced I was by Hans Abrahamsen’s Schnee? Here is another: Georg Friedrich Haas. It’s the … Continue reading

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White dusty salt.

I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 54.12mi, time: 03:47:00, pace: 4:12min/mi, speed: 14.31mi/h. Dry salty roads, and a cold northerly. Speed rose as time went by, and I turned for good only because I was cold. Wrong clothes. It … Continue reading

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