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The only course of action….

18°C, humid I felt very sorry for John Hogan who jumped off an upper floor of a hotel with his children when it was featured on the news yesterday. The BBC broadcast footage of him so distraught that he had to … Continue reading

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Sparrows & finches

18°C, high cloud; Ç=42miles Puzzling behaviour, when disturbed flocks of finches fly along in front of a scarey cyclist- in the same direction. We travelled at least 200 yds with about a dozen little birds just in front and to … Continue reading

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A Will?

18°C, heavy showers Feeling better, well enough to think about death. I am going to write a will. What if I get squished under the wheels of a lorry riding to work next week? Who will get my Frank Zappa … Continue reading

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On hold

18°C, showers Paused. Does this mean the last week of the holiday is going ot be wasted, the weather isn’t so good and I have a cold. So few entries over the last weekend and painting progress is slow. You … Continue reading

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Pluto wants to to know…

20°C, clouding over Is it a planet?   Some days it is, some not. Nice to see astronomers arguing over something small.   Just realised that I have done no painting for a week! Time dilation effects can occur at any time. … Continue reading

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19°C, rain 3DS Max: is this getting obsessive? There is something about this application that does this, far more than any other, even games. I’ve sepent over 5 hours on this little project, now the plane is reasonably complete, apart … Continue reading

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Following with trust & optimism

20°C, turned out nice, strong W Riding home today on a fast A road that sweeps in curves roughly in parallel to the Trent river. About 100yds I spotted a bird running across the road, a juvenile pheasant, large & … Continue reading

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Malice in Malaga

20°C, rain Soapbox: "Guilty of Tavelling whilst Asian": is a phrase used by a British muslim commentator last week- (Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent- Ali Dizaei). His premonition came true yesterday:   A Monarch airlines flight from Malaga was disrupted by … Continue reading

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Pointer three

 SW winds, dry. Turpentine: started the Pointer painting again, third time lucky. This time on a larger canvas and some slight changes to the technique. For speed I used the rubbing back technique as sson as the ground was laid, … Continue reading

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Quick! lightning

upto 20°C, sun & storms Cycle in electrical storm and you’re at risk I feel. It’s the one thing that scares me while cycling (apart from joy-riders & white vans). It felt like a race because the black clouds were … Continue reading

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