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seven seconds

16°C, fresh. Animating/rendering : got 7 sec so far. Using Premier as a kind of storyboard, so I plan to improvise scenes as I go along. May as well do a take-off sequence…

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2 new ones

clear then stormy Canvas: It’s not often that I start TWO new pictures in an afternoon. Today I have. Mind you- one of them is a picture painted over with something else, and the overpainted one transferred onto a new … Continue reading

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Recessive eye

Windy, refreshingly cool These floaters are really bugging me today. I have appointements to keep. The latest painting is probably not going to make it to this section- I may as well put it straight into the "Finished pictures" section. … Continue reading

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warm & very windy I have floaters. They are bits in the eye that partly obscure vision. The thin thready ones have always been there, the ones that have diffraction rings around them. the new ones are more blobby and … Continue reading

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Clean arm

only 44.8 miles today. Windy warm & close. Rainy bits too. My hand doesn’t smell of that incident yesterday anymore. AW38 Whitley renders. the mesh is near enough finished, so made some sample renders today so the Whitley-project people could … Continue reading

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Down the drain

17°C, sunny and clear. Imy came home distraught, she’s dropped her mp3 player down the drain. It’s been missing for weeks then  today she found it again. Hours later dropped it down the drain in a moment’s clumsiness; in a hurry … Continue reading

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rain & sun Here’s the work in progress photo promised yesterday. the eyes them selves remain untouched, but there are new layers on skin and pthalio blue added to the shadows.

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Post sleep

21°C, light westerly + sun Despirately tired yesterday, hence no blog. Just had time to fix a bit on the Whitley that was bugging me then to bed. Oil painting today: It’s funny the phases you go through making a … Continue reading

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UVW unwrap

17°C, changable Most of that mapping is now done. Hopefully there are few missed bits of light green on the mesh. With some luck animation can begin. I have to sleep early now, long day tomorrow, up at 6am and … Continue reading

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Character building to add into the Whitley mesh. This time (compared to the Stirling project video), I am trying Edit poly modelling for characters. That means that in closer shots the mesh is more detailed & so smoother, but further away- … Continue reading

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