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New Year’s eve

6°C, westerly, some sunny bits, some wet. 47½ miles- At last! I’ve needed a ride all week- now I’m sated.   I don’t really need a new year’s resolution this time, usually I do. Previously it has been the same … Continue reading

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Where’s it gone?

2°C, all snow gone We’re expecting to see a decent covering of snow this morning, but no- all I see outside is cold clammy rain. The sort of rain that penetrates your clothes, runs down your neck and makes feeling … Continue reading

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Paint & decorate

4°C dropping to -4 or worse! It’s taken until now finding time to get on with that painting. Domestic stuff has filled my day, painting, assembling white goods, assembling flat-packs from Ikea. I should get paid for this; it’s my … Continue reading

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2nd Snow

0°C, Snow &   Light snow, keeps melting and refreezing as black-ice. Painting: decorating most of the day. Oil Painting: more skin layers, coats and shadows. The photo is better exposed this time, I used auto-bracketing- which takes 3 exposures … Continue reading

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leaden roads

4 dropping to 0°C Snow is on its way. Another Christmas done, and getting back to normal now. Rode out to Measham and Twycross Zoo today, often the Elephants are visible from the side road, but not today. There were … Continue reading

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Forum discovered

12° dropping to 4°C, bits of sun Found some new forums on the subject of art – especially with relevenace here to Oil painting. Art renewal centre A little tricky to navigate- especially along thread replies. There is some well … Continue reading

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12°C: blimey! & Painting: this picture is a bit washed out- I should have set the camera to bracket exposure & you can see the problem. The skin tones in the white areas are much better than here. Maybe better … Continue reading

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10°C, clouds up quite high. It’s mid-winter, yesterday may have been the shortest day, but either the afternoons get shorter or the mornings still lighten later, I can’t remember which way round it is. OK just found it: daylight hours. … Continue reading

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10°C. dry Tecchies installed the new version of Macromedia Flash (v.8) on a few machines on the school network today. It’s part of the whole Macromedia Studio. Having a short period to play with it, I’d say it’s vastly easier to use … Continue reading

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Not that blue!

8°C, clouds. Last lesson today. Mild cycling conditions. Painting considered: The hat(s) is the wrong colour, it needs red methinks. Perhaps Cadmium red & a scarlet. Neat out of the tube paint never looks right, but rose madder + orange … Continue reading

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