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In the neighbourhood..

7°C, brisk SE, building rain. Marshside Beach only 1km from my new house. Between here and my place are some brackish lagoons administered by the RSPB. What a bleak and melancholic day. This panorama shows the empty feel of the … Continue reading

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Boxing up my life, and snow.

1°C, snowing. Heavy snow all day. I’m fizzing for a ride but packing ought to be done.​ I’m moving in a month and have a 4 bedroom house to pack by myself.

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Orange sun.

15°C, milky orange sun. Is this you Ophelia? I can see a warm milky and oddly orange sun at 11am. Most odd.​

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Summer snow.

2°C, light wind. Snow in summer term? I always knew it was possible, we’ve had snow in April before. It once closed schools in April too. Today’s snow was only thin, but it’s there. However, it didn’t take tong to … Continue reading

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What a start to a valuable holiday.

18°C, bright sun. Holidays are precious, I hate to loose any of them. This one has started with a cold in my head. At least it could be over reasonably quickly. A term-time cold can often last more than two … Continue reading

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The ides of March.

14°C, cloudless sky and light wine. ​ A fine spring day. Large numbers of plants have burst into bloom this week. Warm weather has sped them on and I’ve seen the first bumble bees.

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Oh Doris.

8°C, gales, gusts to 60mph, heavy rain. Fourth named storm, Doris. The news is full of storm news. Widespread destruction is expected and the news channels are very excited. They love it really

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2°C, heavy snow overnight. One year ago, was filled with excitement about my cyclocross bike. It was ready for collection and I couldn’t bear the wait. One thing that I didn’t get to do was ride in the snow. There … Continue reading

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Red weather warning.

11°C, endless heavy rain, moderate SW wind. Certain flooding near here today. This is the third day of heavy rain. Fortunately, the place I am staying in is on a hill. That red patch is directly overhead. It’s the Met … Continue reading

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14°C, brisk SW and more rain to come. Warm! Too warm to wear a winter coat. The garden is confused too. This plant doesn’t seem to suffer from the morning coffee grounds, the pot doesn’t receive rainwater naturally.

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