Summer snow.

2°C, light wind.

Snow in summer term? I always knew it was possible, we’ve had snow in April before. It once closed schools in April too. Today’s snow was only thin, but it’s there. However, it didn’t take tong to melt in the sunshine.


2°C, heavy snow overnight.
One year ago, was filled with excitement about my cyclocross bike. It was ready for collection and I couldn’t bear the wait. One thing that I didn’t get to do was ride in the snow.
There is snow outside as I write but I can’t ride on it. I am laid up with a feverish cold and chest infection. Everything aches and all movement has to be slow. Even a few laps around the green would do it. I’m in no fit state.
However, I had a busy morning doing loads of chores, including installing 3 bird boxes, planting hostas and shopping.
Then in the afternoon, dreadful illness. It’s that pattern again, a surge of energy before the ill feeling takes over.
It’s quite slushy snow, all dripping as it melts. It’ll be gone by afternoon.

Red weather warning.

11°C, endless heavy rain, moderate SW wind.
Certain flooding near here today. This is the third day of heavy rain. Fortunately, the place I am staying in is on a hill.


That red patch is directly overhead. It’s the Met Office grading for ‘danger to life’. Not far from here is low lying flat land that is barely above sea level. Should be able to go out and explore at the end of this afternoon.