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19°C, rain then sun Kefalonia: tomorrow we take-off at 8am for the Greek island where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was set. It’s quite a small island near Corfu To get to the airport on time we have to get up at … Continue reading

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Steam off

15°C, rain Poser: eFrontier Poser 6 isn’t any more stable than previous versions. I’m trying to finalise lighting for the next painting which has a bloke with faces where one ought not have a face. We can’t help the weights … Continue reading

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Graphite powder

13°C, rain Graphite powder: below is an in-class drawing made to teach the technique ot Year 12 last winder. Finally it’s home and scanned. It’s a technique that I like a lot, it’s quick and can cover very large areas … Continue reading

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13°C, same… United States of Europe: Eurovision Song contest: a contest to find the worst music in Europe. It’s justified with pseudo-arty words like "kitsch", "camp" but worthless pap would be better. It relies on a voting system that’s full … Continue reading

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17°C, sun & showers Dullfull: no invigilation, just marking all day. I was interested to tears. However, I did made a useful (Access) database with my classes included – all ready for report writing next half-term. It even has pictures … Continue reading

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14°C, rain. Fingers crossed: typo’s are getting excessive here. My fingers seem to disagree about the order inwhich they press keys. It’s a shame that msn spaces are blocked at work- I used to log on in th emorning to … Continue reading

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Streaky printer- the sequel

20°C, sun 830U: still needs a heart bypass operation, it has bad veins which seem partly blocked. Adding the spirit-cleaner has triggered the error light which has not gone away for a few hours. the printer driver claims that the … Continue reading

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Epson 830u

14°C cloudy Unreliable printer: in one last desperate attempt to get this infuriating printer to work, I’ve ordered a set of cleaning heads. The cleaning routine doesn’t work at al now, in the past it has needed 6, 8 or … Continue reading

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Greenfly and greenpollen

15°C The air is full of pollen, the car is covered in a powdery dust. Even the weather forecasters have been showing off satellite photos of the cloud of pollen blowing over from Holland & the low countries.   Yesterday … Continue reading

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Leaving Cards

22°C, Drawings: those cards hinted at over the last few days can now be posted.     Each drawing took about 15 to 20 minutes, some were re-touched after these photos and others worked right the first time. Generally they … Continue reading

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