David Sedaris

English: David Sedaris at a talk in Ontario.

English: David Sedaris at a talk in Ontario. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

15°C, lots of rain.
Glad I did the weekend’s ride on Saturday. Today, rain and a listlesness that suggests an oncoming cold. It’s Autumn now.
The new season brings new programmes on the radio- my favourite of Sundays- David Sedaris. This guy puts the kid to Americans inability to understand irony. His show is presented as s series of essays. They are hilarious.

Sound in the dead of night

9°C. Quiet.
Early morning, in the share change of sleep. It’s not quite silent- there is a man-made sound. A high pitched modulated note like a spinning metal wheel. Most probably a distant siren, its note wavering and reflecting from buildings on its journey to my ears.
Like so many nights, I probably need a banana & to read for a while.

Dead of night

13°C, very still
What a terrible night′s sleep. It’ll be over soon.
I found myself listening to the night. Distant motorcycles screamed up the A road. Closer by, an owl- but not  one I recognised, only a solitary hoot- a lonely call into the still air. There was another sound, a coarser bark that was definitely not a dog. A fox I think.

Smart phone

17°C sunny.
Got a new phone today.
This is going to take some getting used to. I got a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 in the end. For this post, I’m trying the touch screen T9 keypad. Finding the apostrophe in mid-sentence is rather tricky. Phones like this can cost tonnes but I chose the Mini 2. Physically more practical, though the keys on the touch screen are very small.
Impressive features are the GPS, wireless internet and mapping. Perhaps the lasting judgement will come from the valueof any apps, like this WordPress one.

Wrong time to wake.

14°C, light cloud.

Awake at the wrong time. I know it’s wrong because when I get up in the night at this hour my body seems almost drunken. Odd that.

Sleep cycles follow rises and dips, 2am seems the lowest of the dips. That’s the time when my body is so slow that it feels intoxicated. Later in the night, my consciousness remains high enough to seem slightly awake until dawn.