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David Sedaris

15°C, lots of rain. Glad I did the weekend’s ride on Saturday. Today, rain and a listlesness that suggests an oncoming cold. It’s Autumn now. The new season brings new programmes on the radio- my favourite of Sundays- David Sedaris. … Continue reading

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Parbold hill

12°C , brisk westerly, light cloud. CK55 miles. Saturday ride on the fixed, a good few hours ride that started with some difficulty- perhaps I didn’t have enough for supper before. Anyway, I got up Parbold hill on the 42×16 … Continue reading

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Momentary misjudgement

12C clear. It was only a tiny slice of time, it was enough for the axe to swing its  errant path. The hit only took a thin slice from my thumb. Lucky it wasn’t worse, or unlucky to happen in … Continue reading

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Profile of a commute

14°C westerly Mapmyride has updated their app. Now a week has passed and no broken routes appear in the gps tracking. For 10 years I have ridden this route to and from work. In all that time I have never … Continue reading

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Sound in the dead of night

9°C. Quiet. Early morning, in the share change of sleep. It’s not quite silent- there is a man-made sound. A high pitched modulated note like a spinning metal wheel. Most probably a distant siren, its note wavering and reflecting from … Continue reading

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Tracked 47 miles

17°C  westerly breeze, brisk Used an app to track my Sunday bike ride. It ran alright to start with. I admit that it takes a while to learn the program, but it did raise other problems. It missed 11 miles … Continue reading

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Dead of night

13°C, very still What a terrible night′s sleep. It’ll be over soon. I found myself listening to the night. Distant motorcycles screamed up the A road. Closer by, an owl- but not  one I recognised, only a solitary hoot- a … Continue reading

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Smart phone

17°C sunny. Got a new phone today. This is going to take some getting used to. I got a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 in the end. For this post, I’m trying the touch screen T9 keypad. Finding the apostrophe in … Continue reading

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Heat in Duxford

26°C, no cloud ’till later. September Airshow, 2012. It’s a long but easy drive and for the first time we got there to join a queue. Don’t know why it should be different this year. I have to say, upfront, … Continue reading

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Wrong time to wake.

14°C, light cloud. Awake at the wrong time. I know it’s wrong because when I get up in the night at this hour my body seems almost drunken. Odd that. Sleep cycles follow rises and dips, 2am seems the lowest … Continue reading

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