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20°C, clearing Mid holiday has a definite feeling. Work is still a long way off, physically and mentally recovered and looking forward to adventures. I’ve been on two already- both involved camping of one sort or another. Now, I’m looking … Continue reading

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Cold summer- what shall I read?

12°C, cool & wet. I admit, it’s a nice problem to have- which book shall I read next? Canada has the best reviews, or 1Q84 does. Stalker would be the easiest to get through though I an quite prepared to … Continue reading

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Flora Britannica

9°C, Dull, dull, dull. Richard Maybe: Flora Britannica is my kind of plant book. It covers plants that are largely native to Britain, though some naturalised ones are covered but it’s different. It isn’t a gardening book. It’s got nothing … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Lawn

19°C, warm rain. A utilitarian choice of read. Bedtime is time for a short read for me. It has ot be short because lying down makes me fall asleep- even in daytime. This book is full of short stories, I … Continue reading

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Wind-up bird

1°C, E Wind. Dry. Spent all day shopping for a music player for the kitchen. I really did get fed up with cooking in silence. Except I didn’t, I got to Birmingham hungry after a train ride talking to an … Continue reading

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On Murakami

13°C, windy, cool and fresh. C 53 miles Book: "Norwegian Wood", by Haruki MurakamiThere is a lovely line in the book I am reading currently ("Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami.) He uses a simple language that is all the more … Continue reading

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Impartial history

8°C, windy, some rain. Reading: a fun book. It’s probably not real history, like a serious academic tome, but it makes me laugh. It’s the colloquial asides that lithen a standard history book, that make it accessible and will hopefully … Continue reading

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24°C, it’s a warm month- September Reading Freakonomics right now. It’s quite a readable volume despite lots of Americanisms that I can’t work out. It’s been a good few weeks since last enjoying a book, a book desert.Evening routine: …work-get … Continue reading

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the world is going to be alright

17°C, heavy rain (again) Wormwood: I’m getting a strong feeling that the world will be alright- once the human race is gone. In Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, there are feral horses, mainly in two herds, each led by a dominant stallion. … Continue reading

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Summer holiday

 14°C, rain, non-stop & heavy. Wormwood Forest: a book on the natural history of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. It’s the first day of our long summer holiday- and this is my summer read. Time will tell how good it is, … Continue reading

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