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Cassandra Millar: Just So

CD from Another Timbre. Contemporary Music performed by a string ensemble. Unusually, I didn’t find this one via Hear And Now on BBC R3 but a mid-week show on the same station Late Junction. The pieces that attracted me arenthe … Continue reading

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Getting to know Southport

12°C, sunny. Recovering from a particularly stubborn cold, so I plodded in on the hack bike to town. Google lists 2 record shops which I fancied a browse. You get the best out of shops like that if you get … Continue reading

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4°C dry and sunny. Drive south to collect stuff for my new house. The wait should be over early next month. Music has meaning again. During the ugliest most stressful stage in my last job, I would listen to music. … Continue reading

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Late night tales.

Olafur Arnalds, a compilation album on 80g vinyl and packaged very nicely.​ Most remarkable is the sound quality. Perhaps there is something in the technique of mastering at half speed. Small details in the music are vivid. Stunning.

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The Ship

Brian Eno: The Ship, double LP. The record player is working again. No fix from me, it’s an intermittent fault. I suspect a poor connection to the motor. It uses a 2 phase regulated supply from a built in circuit … Continue reading

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Georg Friedrich Haas.

5°C, heavy rain, this morning’s flooding is the worst of the winter here. Hear and Now – Donaueschingen Musiktage 2015 – @BBCRadio3 “> Remember how entranced I was by Hans Abrahamsen’s Schnee? Here is another: Georg Friedrich Haas. It’s the … Continue reading

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Storyville, 13 years on death row.

6°C, dry with white cloud. BBC: A Death Row Tale: The Fear of 13. Quite the most moving thing I have seen on TV for many years. Practically a single scene play with just the narrator. If tells his own … Continue reading

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New music; Gesualdo da Vanosa

7°C, storm Imogen is still a force. New CD, first impression: It might be a new release, and it may sound ultra modern in parts. But the first compositions were written in the1600s. We’ll see how this one grows in … Continue reading

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Hans Abrahamson: Schnee

I enjoy buying and listening to music. It’s one of the constant pleasures in my life. It about changing my mood, illustrating phases in my life and stretching my mind. It’s not often, however, that I feel as elated with … Continue reading

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Exhausted iPod

I have used this iPod every day since 2009. Back then, I bought it as an upgrade on the iPod Mini when it ran out of space. It’s the penultimate version with 120Gb of storage. I like it so much … Continue reading

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