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14°C, + Linseed: After a too-long interval,  the Sub-cutanious picture is back underway. I have sought out pictures and other images inbetween times so the idea is clearer in my mind. The skin has a decent body layer in oil, … Continue reading

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It’s a zebra officer

10°C Zebra :: crossings are a place that cars stop at so that people can cross life-threatenting roads. The cars stop when they can see a person standing waiting to get across. Most of them do it in response to … Continue reading

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12°C, sun then rain Strike: that closed many schools, not ours though. It looks like a dispite that has valid points on both sides if reporting is to be believed. On the strikers hand- they are angry that in effect … Continue reading

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Action- look down.

Rain @ 11°C Flash: Drawn a bloke’s head and animated some short movie-clips- one looking down, the other to look up. the idea is to play the clips when the mouse rolls over defined areas of the stage. It should … Continue reading

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Hats off to that!

14°C <- for real! Exams: there are too many, everyone admits it, but maybe some change is on the horizon. It’s not cold enough to wear a hat.

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Spring has arrived

11°C, sun then rain. Turpentine: Didn’t bother posting yesterday’s picture- today’s shows some progress. Possible, I suppose because of the thought gone into it since. This is the last bit of turps underpainting, tomorrow? -linseed. Trackbacks: Now disabled here. It … Continue reading

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Blue Veins II

10°C, back to shirt weather. Rain–. turpentine: Added another layer of underpainting, just to add body ready for linseed. It doesn’t look and better so there will be no picture today. I’m adjusting the lighting in the picture so the … Continue reading

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Sub-cutanious veins

5.6°C, bright . Weather might break tomorrow. It could be the end of this European dry-icy airmass we’ve had all winter. Turpentine: I did something different on this one. I painted in the under-sketches for the figure while the ground … Continue reading

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6 to 2°C, cold NE wind Far Cry level now has some vegetation! Nevermind the fault with the ground texture, now I can place objects and am formulating a kind of plot for the mission. Trees bend in the breeze- and … Continue reading

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6°C.light grey. Sandbox turns out to be a very capable and relatively easy to use game editor. The interface is remarkably 3dsMax-like. Here is a basic landscape and begun texturing it so far. Heightmap editor has excellent tools to work with … Continue reading

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