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Back to life.

13°C, grey, warm and dry. Those numerous symptoms are largely gone. Fizzy legs are back, mouth ulcers gone as has the malaise. Which bike today? Meanwhile, an LP plays in the background. Here is one I have not given a … Continue reading

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Still a bit off.

10°C, bright sun. Dry too. I tire easily, the thought of cycle ride today does not make the fizzy feeling like it normally does. At least my weight has stabilised at 13st. 13 Tricky: Angels with Dirty Faces. A warm … Continue reading

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Drawing is frightening.

10°C, stormy rain. In a hotel in Wilmslow. Drawing makes your mind run at double-speed, you get hot and will have to take a layer off. No inconvenience imposed on a sitter there. No reference either. Too many espresso coffees … Continue reading

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Quiet day in the driving seat.

10°C, calm grey and dry. As she walks in the room Scented and tall Hesitating once more And as I take on myself And the bitterness I felt I realise that love flows …(Portishead- The Rip). ~~~ Today, I meet … Continue reading

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It was all a gorgeous mistake.

11°C, white cloud add calm. Earl early. New lodger, talking about music, Portishead played out from the IPod dock at the time. His favourite track is ‘Sure’. Blimey, don’t know that one. Well, I should have. It’s there is my … Continue reading

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Diamond Challenge.

11°C, grey cloud and fairly still. The Diamond Challenge: is a 60th year event run by DofE. We’re invited to submit a challenge, made to ourselves, and raise £60. An appealing idea, it’s just a question of choosing which one. … Continue reading

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Most people get…

10°C, bright with light NE breeze. …a spider walk on their face in the night. Well, some do. No, not me, I get an Oak Bush Cricket. Here she is, still in my bedroom looking healthy enough. I put her … Continue reading

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BMI 23.4

12°C, grey but dry. Two months ago, I weighed 14St 12lbs. That’s too much, clothes were getting tighter, and my BMI was at the top of the range (25). Most of it was lost on the Scotland hiking trip: 8lbs … Continue reading

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End of the day.

13°C, sunny with easterly breeze. Drawing: put something, anything between work and bed in the evening. Tiny A6 sketchbook with a cheap propelling pencil. The paper isn’t really this sallow.

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35 minutes of my life.

Heavy rain showers, S breeze. 16°C. No cycling. I have a cold, so did some drawing tonight. A6 sketchbook with HB pencil. It took about half an hour. Played Max Richter for about 2 sides. It came out alright didn’t … Continue reading

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