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How do they do that?

11°C, some clouds, the rest was sun.  Amazing special effects looking left while riding to work this morning. I really wanted a pocket camera to record that. The nearest is the shot below of sunset, taken about 15 mins ago. … Continue reading

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grey, or is it gray?

7.5°C, grey overcast Mixing it (BBC r3)is ending next week. Shame! My favourite radio show since it started in 1990. Tis bad news indeed; don’t know what I’ll do without them- they have been a majour source of ideas for … Continue reading

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Catholicism and gays

9°C, thin cloud. Interesting news thread: the argument between church and state is on the fron pages again. Here on the BBC is a brief summary. Basically, the church are objecting to the requirement for anti-discrimination in the new Equality … Continue reading

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6°C, (yesterday=1°C);clear. This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but had the oddest connection problem: most pages wouldn’t open, only a few obscure shopping sites, not even Amazon. Do you ever enter a room only to forget why you went there? … Continue reading

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I’m alive….I’m alive!

-2°C, clear, winter has arrived. Finally, recovery is here. Yesterday was the first time I felt alive again after over 2 weeks. That, was a long haul. Now I can get on with it all. Even managed to finish that … Continue reading

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Plucky duck

4°C, sunny spells, getting colder. I’m getting worse as I get older, these lil’ animal stories. Look here, a duck with shotgun wounds that survived a couple of days in the fridge.

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Still ill

9°C, clear. Dog experience: imagine playing with your mates in the park, running about and having a generally exciting time. Made more so by no having not seen a particular friend for nearly six months. Eventually you get out of breath … Continue reading

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McNaught: nought

9°C, clear & sunny No ride today: walking in Derbyshire instead. The rivers are deep- near to overflowing, and the mud thick black stuff. Deceptively – it’s not as deep as it looks, there are limestone rocks near the surface. … Continue reading

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Coming back to life

12°C, cloudy. Slowly recovering from a very snotty cold, the vacuum cleaner is all working now, and floors -clean. What a roller-coaster thrilling life I lead.   Turpentine: It’s been a while, but this time of year is always herder … Continue reading

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6°C, clear. Drawing: must be feeling better, now I’m looking ahead to new paintings. the rather rough sketch may turn out to be a propellorhead thing. Much depends on workload at the place that gives me monies. Hopefully on Saturday, … Continue reading

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