Music I’m not listening to

22°C, clouds gry & pink.

By not listening to Robert Wyatt, I didn’t miss a greater treat- yes the geese have spun their magic again in formation low over the skies of this town. You have to be quick when you hear their distant formation talk, you have to have no television on and windows open. Speed is important not because they fly quickly, but because you need to find a vantage point to see them, they fly at low altitude so dissappear behind houses or trees. Be sprightly. I stood on a bench.
Having the Television switched off and no music-noise blotting out the real world  really is living.
Crane flys: despite some insight with a working theory from yesterday, they still astonish. Eating supper tonight, one flitted a fluttery impact with my eye, in danger of trapping itself behind my glasses. Less than two seconds later it dropped into my dinner and got stuck in the viscous pesto sauce. Gently, I lifted it clear, but it was not airworthy anymore. They must be perishing by the millions in Britain this week, each life snuffed out in some bizarre unfortunate mishap. They’re clearly not destined to live long anyway so why not?
Neither of these creatures have the faintest idea of the pleasure they instill just by being.

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