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Movable feast.

9C, bit grey. I don’t like the clock change outside a holiday. Work today has been like struggling with a hang-over. Holidays should be fixed in my view. Another reason for disestablishment. Good news today- Japan has been ordered to … Continue reading

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Fixed gear ride- Distance: 62.91mi, time: 03:59:48, pace: 3:49min/mi, speed: 15.7mi/h. Rode a fairly familiar route, but this time clockwise. Some junctions look quite different which is why I took a few wrong turns. Descending Bannister Hill was a … Continue reading

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Burnt Magnolia.

6C, cold day with hard frost. Poor magnolia was burnt by the hard frost on Tuesday morning. Cold weather waited for spring before visiting us. This is quite an early flowering variety, so it’s vulnerable really. |~~~~~~~o_o~~~~~~~| Posted from a … Continue reading

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No Sunday ride.

9C,hail, sun and showers. No ride today- so I filled in a job application, chopped wood and fixed up the summer racing bike. It’s not right though, the local bike shop put new bearings and free-hub, but it feels wrong. … Continue reading

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Hulme End.

4C, SW brisk with heavy showers. DofE- staff training day. This was a re-newal of our navigation qualification. For us, a nice walk around the limestone landscape of northern Staffordshire. The next stage is a national award, this one cannot … Continue reading

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Over the bars for a face-plant.

11C,brisk Westerly, dry, bright. Driving but stuck behind a bike club in Stafford. In a complex of roundabouts, one bloke turns to pick up something dropped. He then struggled to get back on to the group in the Saturday traffic. … Continue reading

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Commute- Distance: 23.20mi, time: 01:34:58, pace: 4:06min/mi, speed: 14.6mi/h. A ride home through quiet country roads. I saw many things, mist forming in the corners of fields, the setting sun, stars appearing, Jupiter, and bats. The first ones were … Continue reading

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Bannister hill: fail less.

12°C, grey start but warm sun later. Cycle Kona (fixed): Distance: 60.4mi, time: 03:44:44, pace: 3:43min/mi, speed: 16.1mi/h. Who knows why, but the GPS recorded 88 miles for today. Maybe some interference on route. Could overhanging trees do that? … Continue reading

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Saturday headache.

7+C, S wind, smells of spring. Every Saturday, I get the same headache. What is this- cumulative lack of sleep, stress from work? What can be done to fix it? Had a good day at work yesterday- its was the … Continue reading

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1,030 done.

Cycling CK55 miles, 10°C, rain wind SW. Distance: 54.8 mi, time: 03:44:10, pace: 4:06min/mi, speed: 14.6mi/h. That was quite good, despite the wind and rain. Legs felt good, tendon pain was not noticeable. I am working on re-building symmetrical … Continue reading

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