There’s going to be a Royal wedding.

Bit chilly at 8°C this morning. Later 16°C

I know this because: a/ we have no work on Friday, b/ the media are ramming it down our throats like fois gras. At a cyclists’ cafe today: some of the old boys recalled a royal wedding back in the 1980s. Apparently “you didn’t see any females all day last time”. That means women I assume, you could find female cattle in fields and brown blackbird foraging for food, bet they were talking about humans. By implication, they (the women) were all watching the television.

Chernobyl day

16°C,  cloudy & easterly breeze. K:29½ miles.

Last day: end of holiday, but we’re only back for 2 days before the next one. Friday is some celebrity wedding that gives us all a day off- thanks, you have some use then. We’ve just had been the best Easter holiday for years, absolutely years. Fine weather, good camping, and best of all- a long holiday. Oh, and the lodger leaves next weekend.

Has it really been 25 years since the Chernobyl plant blew up? There is lots to look at on GoogleEarth. There is something unique about that event: perhaps an omen that foretells man’s decline in the world. At the same time there is so much dis-information, especially on the web. I’m no authority, but the widespread contradictions testify to that. There is politics, mythology and scaremongering in the story. The story has manifest itself in song, documentaries, books and, bizarrely for some, a small number of computer games.

Pond hole

16°C, clear blue

The hole is finally dug, shaped, measured and levelled. It has liner underlay and awaits the liner itself now. By the time that was all done, I was too tired to start the delicate work of placing the liner in measured amounts and adding water, in measured amounts. Actually, there isn’t that much water about right now. We’ve only had a few days rain in the last month and none is forecast. Can I use tap water?

It’s Monday-thursday

it’s going to be hot 23°C? We’re going to have known nothing like it.

Monday-thursday: a day where the queen gives arms to the poor. Armed, one day the poor will rise up and it will become all Citizen-Smith here. Or something like that.
I have too much of a cold to enjoy the hot weather, dammit, I shall not complain.

Alternative vote: The Tories say that the Politician with the 3rd most votes will get in. They say, according to this leaflet, that there are no wasted votes in FPtP (First past the post). It looks to me as if they have taken all the evidence and drawn the diametrically opposite conclusions. The No voters look to be in the majority in the polls now, I suspect that people simply don’t understand how it works; plus the No-campaigners are lying about its consequences. All they have to do is use the numbers to illustrate advantages (or otherwise) then we could make up our minds. Perhaps the root of the problem is that they’re all afraid of talking numbers; such a fear is widespread. Politicians still haven’t really grasped why we, the public, hate them.


up to 20°C later, nice again tomorrow.

Hay fever starts with this holiday, along with fine clear weather. How about taking local honey for some protection from hay-fever. Honey bees collect nectar from flowers (biotic pollinations) but hay-fever is caused by grasses (Abiotic pollination). So how does it work alternative-medicine people? Incidentally, the current April flurry of sneezes is said to be caused by tree spores- maybe Beech/Birches.

Now I’m watching weather forecasts eagerly, I want a clear few days so I can make camp in Wales & trudge up some mountains. That’s what I want.

Point six percent

12°C, windy & grey cloud.

Biggest government spending cuts, blah blah. It turns out that they have cut 0.6% off the total public spending budget according to the Spectator magazine. If the press are ot be believed- the cuts are “savage”, “deep” or “swinging”- we’re told they amount to 10% or more of Govt. expenditure.

Burning books madness: BBC -Afghanis  rioting over some loony priest in the US who burned a copy of The Qu’ran. It’s not a rare book, nor was it an expensive one- you can get a copy from Amazon for about £5. So why riot so much that people get killed? That stupid pasteur is only doing it for the publicity, the stupid media are happy to give him just that and now people have died raging about it.
It’s only a book.