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It’s a maths question, dammit!

6°C, white cloud This deserves to be shared.

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There’s going to be a Royal wedding.

Bit chilly at 8°C this morning. Later 16°C I know this because: a/ we have no work on Friday, b/ the media are ramming it down our throats like fois gras. At a cyclists’ cafe today: some of the old … Continue reading

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Chernobyl day

16°C,  cloudy & easterly breeze. K:29½ miles. Last day: end of holiday, but we’re only back for 2 days before the next one. Friday is some celebrity wedding that gives us all a day off- thanks, you have some use … Continue reading

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Pond hole

16°C, clear blue The hole is finally dug, shaped, measured and levelled. It has liner underlay and awaits the liner itself now. By the time that was all done, I was too tired to start the delicate work of placing … Continue reading

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cooling 49 miles

16°C, confused winds, CK:49 miles Longer ride today on the Fixed, but less energy from me. Rode for 3 hours with slightly too-thin layers on. the effect is to drain away warmth that takes hours to replenish after getting home. … Continue reading

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Riding in the o-zone

c24°C, clear but anvil clouds building. CK: 40miles Met office have issued  warning of smog over the weekend. they say that the still air and bright sunshine cause gasses in fumes to react and produce ozone. It’s a problem for … Continue reading

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It’s Monday-thursday

it’s going to be hot 23°C? We’re going to have known nothing like it. Monday-thursday: a day where the queen gives arms to the poor. Armed, one day the poor will rise up and it will become all Citizen-Smith here. … Continue reading

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Nant Gwynant

upto 21°C, still & no cloud Just got back. It was great, but I’ve brought a cold with me. It’s been strange, it came on tentatively on the drive there. But it held back for quite a few days, drawing … Continue reading

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18°C, clear. Ck.53 miles It’s not easy deciding which gear to put on the single-speed bike. In this hilly terrain, it’s useful to have a higher gear to make use of the descents and their higher speed. If it’s too … Continue reading

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up to 20°C later, nice again tomorrow. Hay fever starts with this holiday, along with fine clear weather. How about taking local honey for some protection from hay-fever. Honey bees collect nectar from flowers (biotic pollinations) but hay-fever is caused … Continue reading

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