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RM 380Z

8C, windy with rain later. School trip to the National Museum Of Computing. We met Collosus, The Which, but no Lorentz machine. However, view did have an RM 380Z. The very same model that I did my O-level computing with. … Continue reading

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Not the coldest day.

CA: Distance: 56.88mi, time: 03:52:18, speed: 14.7mph. On average, today is the coldest day in the Northern Hemisphere. So far this winter has been mikd and wet, characterised by frequent storms and heavy rainfall. This coming week is forecast … Continue reading

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Sent home.

rode home with MapMyRide! Distance: 37.98mi, time: 02:48:08, speed: 13.55mi/h. Slow ride with floods, rain and sorrow. I was in no state to consider work, sympathetic colleagues sent me home. They even suggested a bike ride, if that helps. … Continue reading

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I lost a hero today.

Rain, I lost my hero today. After just over three weeks of illness she lost her struggle with lymphoma. I am still here, but am in agony inside. I have made many posts about this, but they are set to … Continue reading

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7C, rain. CA- Distance: 39.22mi, time: 02:52:14, speed: 13.6mi/h. Icy start but changed to blustery showers. Local rivers are almost ready to flood. In some fields, they have. This is Elford. |~~~~~~~o_o~~~~~~~| Posted from a mobile.

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A year in the saddle

7°C, more storms & S wind The tracking app I use my phone posted this summary for 2013’s mileage. 284 workouts 275 routes 5,206.6 miles 421.2 hours 414,268 kCal burned Better than last year, and I’d like to break 6,000 … Continue reading

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