RM 380Z

8C, windy with rain later.
School trip to the National Museum Of Computing. We met Collosus, The Which, but no Lorentz machine. However, view did have an RM 380Z. The very same model that I did my O-level computing with. We were the first year to submit coursework on floppy disk instead of ticker-tape.


The trip was great, the place was run by enthusiastic volunteers who put on well performed presentations for the kids.

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I lost a hero today.


I lost my hero today. After just over three weeks of illness she lost her struggle with lymphoma.
I am still here, but am in agony inside. I have made many posts about this, but they are set to Private.
Don’t ask about this, I cannot answer. My heart is broken.

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A year in the saddle

7°C, more storms & S wind

The tracking app I use my phone posted this summary for 2013’s mileage.

284 workouts
275 routes
5,206.6 miles
421.2 hours
414,268 kCal burned

Better than last year, and I’d like to break 6,000 miles in 2014. Barring unforseen…