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7°C windy, showers. Not again: less than a week after the last cold, I get the next one. This is all sore throat and malaise with a bostin’ headache. This is where the best laid plans run aground: I could … Continue reading

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Mid-winter bumbus

13.5°C, grey,mild, dry. What is this bumble-bee doing up and about today, mid-winter? My guess, the dog disturbed it on wandering about the shrubs in the garden. They hibernate through to spring so maybe the mild weather woke him. He … Continue reading

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7°C clear windy. CK:36 Thinking ahead to a New Year’s resolution. I haven’t quite completed 5,000 miles this year for the first time in I don’t know when.. There’s good advice on use Bikeradar site, in short- Build up the … Continue reading

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Soon be over.

Rain. Another one done, now we can get on with enjoying this winter holiday.

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Dodge showers.

7°C, rain coming. Venture out: under the threatening skies. A short ride can be just the thing to clear out the tail end of a snotty virus. Decision is: do I change gear to the 17t? later: well, I went … Continue reading

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Eight weeks

11°C, wind. Very long term which finished just as my cough/cold did. Ex Cathedra: were as good as ever on this sixth year I have been to their Christmas Carol concert. We were sitting in possibly the best seats we’ve … Continue reading

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Emergent day.

8°C, few showers, sun, no cycling. Recovery: a week of undefined illness has sapped most of my energy. Now it’s lifting I can’t feel the cold, and yes I know the air has dipped below 5C. So, I spent the … Continue reading

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America is in shark this morning

  3°C, gloaming with stay grey   Whitney Housten died last night.  

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-3.5°C, clear + hard frost. Always the hardest week, next week we stop for Christmas. Sudden temperature drop, a throaty cold and regular exhaustion. I feel the cold more when I haven’t ridden. Shame the conditions are possible, the virus … Continue reading

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Repair and ride

7°C. Some rain, sun too. A mending weekend: TV, laptop, bike, smoke detector, hair, shelves TV makes a short high buzz with a few minutes of changing channel or starting a video. One web forum sort said unplug it for … Continue reading

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