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Warm to come

13°C, westerly nearly made me late for work. Last day of March, tomorrow is shorts’ weather: 19°C. And it’s D-day here. More on that  purge another time. Drowning in work this week- tomorrow’s report deadline will whoosh by after 5pm. … Continue reading

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15C, light cloud & a little rain. No wind. The pond is half dug. I can only find 1 hour after school each day to do it- shame it isn’t done by now. Anyway, there is a use for those … Continue reading

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Slabs again

14°C, clear & rather nice. Woke early, planted a few heathers before going to work. Odd that because I felt ill in the night- heart thumping and fitful sleep.Trying to place the wireframe cloche was no good this morning, a … Continue reading

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Equinox passed

13°C, clear bits, warmer tomorrow 12 hours & 13 minutes of daylight today. Check for yourself: here, on Date and Time. Strange feeling, have I got a cold all of a sudden? Headache, lethargic and a sore throat. Hope clings … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s equinox

Yesterday (18th March) daytime was 12hours long, almost exactly. So why is the 21st March the official vernal equinox and not the 18th? How mildly troubling.

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Serviced or not?

13°C, clear, pure sunshine A few hours preparing the race bike for it’s first outing this year (tomorrow). My suspicion is, however, that it will be no better than last year despite servicing the gear levers at Campagnolo, stripping & … Continue reading

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Gran Tourino

Clint Eastwood again, he’s on familiar ground with this one- vigilante, old damaged soldier in his last days struggling with a world that has moved on. He strikes up an unlikely friendship with an immigrant lad in a neighbourhood blighted … Continue reading

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Spirit of Renewal?

In addition to the License agreement, here are some notes of guidance to lodgers on living in a harmonious household: Put rubbish in the bin, there are many to choose from. An empty bottle does qualify as rubbish so it … Continue reading

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