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Empty handed

13°C, clouds 100% Visit Birmingham to buy clothes. No luck , could only find warm thick heavy ones; they would not be suitable for someone who works in a place heated like an old-people’s home. So I returned empty handed.Artemesia … Continue reading

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13°C, dull & grey. C=35 miles. FS-X: fixed the Flight simulator. There was a corrupt user-log file that the main game opens on launch.Deleting it removes records of previous flights, but at least it goes now.Back into cycling, the commuting … Continue reading

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10°C, still cloudy. Suddenly, MS Flight Sim-X stops working today. No apparent reason, no error messages, just a permanent stop in the splash screen.. Running "repair" and re-installing the service pack has made no difference. 3DS Max. Updated the Digger … Continue reading

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Night work

11°C, 100% cloud, light wind. Photo: trying out colour temperature setting in my camera. Mostly I use the daylight/sun/cloudy setting. this time I set the camera to "User", which means that it calibrates the colour balance just before you take … Continue reading

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13°C, Cloudy & chilly. Edukators: Good contemporary German film. Long but worth it in the end. It’s full of almost dated idealism from the characters; plus various themes centering on the generation gap. Acting is all impeccable, as is the … Continue reading

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13°C, clear, cool(ish). 3DS Max: Since I’m considering importing 3D files into Microsoft Flight Sim, I’m platying with a nice simple, non-animated object to learn how to do it. Even though the model will only be seen at a considerable … Continue reading

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Not again

14°C, heavy rain. 3rd time unlucky. Ill again.– it’s like being an NQT.

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Home to roost

16°C, warm, humid & clearing before a front. Music (recently arrived):- Joni Mitchell– Shine.Not a great first impression, bland rather muzac like in general presentation.Comes in a very nice case, not seen one like that before. Robert Wyatt: Comicopera- play … Continue reading

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Meeting Notes

19°C, VERY warm. Dead calm, 100% cloud. Drawing meeting notes: Arno thought they looked like Mœbius’ drawings.

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Fungi are not plants!

16°C, still, with some cloud. Fungus: is not a plant, I stand corrected, but I’m left wondering what the term for a single fungus "entity " is. anyway, I suppose it’s inevitable that in a place with hundreds of people … Continue reading

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