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A modern critical idiom

16°C, wam and wet (weather), brewing up to let’s-see-what. A scary prospect? No, indeed I am invincible!

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Occupational hazard

11°C, rain.Orange leaves clinging to wet things Autumn colds are an occupational hazard in our business. It’s only been two weeks since the last one and I have another cold rising today. Damned awkward when a week’s holiday is approaching.Loonies: … Continue reading

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Cold air approaching, 12°C & dropping. Smells of rain. Spammers are truly insane, these all claim to be from the Inland revenue. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Education “Split” on the theme of the great … Continue reading

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Maybe Aspen

14°C, grey, mizzle How dull misty wet, it’s dripping from every free standing object. I want to be westwards.Perhaps Rosie is appreciating her sheep-effect rug more than that canine-jumper. Tasteful huh?

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15°C, grey-dry. Aberystwyth is a worthy visit. this is a High-Dynamic-range picture- using three exposures added together. They were only 1 stop apart but I now think more 2 stops would have been better. I’m going to try this technique … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Lawn

19°C, warm rain. A utilitarian choice of read. Bedtime is time for a short read for me. It has ot be short because lying down makes me fall asleep- even in daytime. This book is full of short stories, I … Continue reading

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I used to…

15°C, light grey Sleep paralysis: BBC. I used to get this in my mid 20s. It was a long time ago I know, but quite unforgettable. There was no sensation that someone was in the room, let alone sitting on my … Continue reading

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Seaside-gulls are inland

15°C, winds brewing Have the gulls moved away from the seas. There are plenty here, mostly the usual inland landfill-site-gulls, but now there are a few sea gull making the seaside gull sound. Maybe there is some truth in the … Continue reading

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Central heating day

15°C, cooler, but the sun is still colourful NEWS: "People don’t wear clothing to keep warm any more".This rings true, and has been a cause of friction in this house over the years. It strikes me as obscene to switch … Continue reading

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