Occupational hazard

11°C, rain.Orange leaves clinging to wet things

Autumn colds are an occupational hazard in our business. It’s only been two weeks since the last one and I have another cold rising today. Damned awkward when a week’s holiday is approaching.
Loonies: I am one, I have sent myself over 50 emails today is says here. The spammers are just as bonkers today too, then have send hundreds! I was only getting about 20 unwanted posts daily over the last few months, but now it’s over a hundred a day.
Just as well they automatically drop in the Deleted folder.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Cold air approaching, 12°C & dropping. Smells of rain.

Spammers are truly insane, these all claim to be from the Inland revenue. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Education “Split” on the theme of the great divide in Education: BBC. Can’t wait for some presentation on this idea in our school. My questions are ready. The problem with the article is this: We are successful in moving students from poor areas into University, they are ‘improving their lot’ and is it any surprise that the average IQ in those areas is decreasing. take out the bright ones, and the proportion of thick people increases in an area. that is no failure of education, quite the opposite.

Maybe Aspen

14°C, grey, mizzle

How dull misty wet, it’s dripping from every free standing object. I want to be westwards.

Perhaps Rosie is appreciating her sheep-effect rug more than that canine-jumper. Tasteful huh?


15°C, grey-dry.

Aberystwyth is a worthy visit. this is a High-Dynamic-range picture- using three exposures added together. They were only 1 stop apart but I now think more 2 stops would have been better.

I’m going to try this technique again; but it’s only worthwhile when the view contains no movement and the camera is fixed down to something solid.

Revenge of the Lawn

19°C, warm rain.

A utilitarian choice of read. Bedtime is time for a short read for me. It has ot be short because lying down makes me fall asleep- even in daytime. This book is full of short stories, I say it like that because there are so many of them in a thin book. One of them is only a few lines long. It’s nice to just to read his voice, though often the stories hold a pang of some sort that only Brautigan can reach in my (limited) experience.

I used to…

15°C, light grey

Sleep paralysis: BBC. I used to get this in my mid 20s. It was a long time ago I know, but quite unforgettable. There was no sensation that someone was in the room, let alone sitting on my chest, but I did get the waking immobile part. sometimes there was a loud deep-bassy buzzing sound though. A frightening experience for which there was no explanation from anyone I asked. I never found a cure, it simply went away all by itself.
This picture by Fuselli is widely described as an image illustrating the phenomenon. There are numerous paranormal explanations but of course, as is usual with with that sort of thing, they are wrong.
I have always secretly loved this artist’s works, especially the scarcely printed "Dead baby".

Seaside-gulls are inland

15°C, winds brewing

Have the gulls moved away from the seas. There are plenty here, mostly the usual inland landfill-site-gulls, but now there are a few sea gull making the seaside gull sound. Maybe there is some truth in the story that they fly inland to escape the big storms out at sea. There is a big low system bearing down the northern approaches.

Central heating day

15°C, cooler, but the sun is still colourful

NEWS: "People don’t wear clothing to keep warm any more".
This rings true, and has been a cause of friction in this house over the years. It strikes me as obscene to switch the house heating on before you have started to add layers of clothes to keep warm. Today is supposedly "Central heating day". Sounds like media nonsense to me, but I have known this happen. Can’t forsee switching on until after October though.