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It’s turned to mud now.

4°C, W wind, clear sunny to start. I rode Kona Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 17.67mi, time: 01:49:37, pace: 6:12min/mi, speed: 9.67mi/h. The familiar canal route is never too familiar. Last time on this same circuit, the grass was verdant … Continue reading

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Found ‘Fourth’

Icy start, 3°C, wind building. Found: Soft Machine ‘Fourth’ album. It has no cover but the disc is in excellent condition. It’s the 1971 CBS pressing. There are hand-written notes on the cardboard sleeve; not my hand. It only cost … Continue reading

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In a ditch

10°C, light SW, clearing sky but yet muddy roads. I rode with MapMyRide+! Distance: 23.80mi, time: 01:40:35, pace: 4:14min/mi, speed: 14.20mi/h. New tyres make the bike feel much more secure on poor surfaces. Rain has washed debris and mud … Continue reading

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47 on the 51st.

Fresh but mostly dry. 6~10°C, some showers on a fast moving wind. My head of dept. called me into her room this morning. Then her 6th form group burst out with ‘Happy ‘Birthday’. I stood there, feeling slightly awkward but … Continue reading

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Fifty, non-stop.

4°C, fresh and reasonably dry. There was rain in the night. I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 50.47mi, time: 03:23:13, pace: 4:02min/mi, speed: 14.90mi/h. Fitted the orange winter wheels. The only notable point about this ride was that I … Continue reading

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Walk the bike.

6°C, light NW. Rain to start and clear later. Commute with MapMyRide+! Distance: 14.99mi, time: 01:48:39, pace: 7:15min/mi, speed: 8.28mi/h. Set out in rain but full of energy. At 9 miles front tyre lost pressure on an awkward stretch … Continue reading

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8°C, clear, calm before the gales. Do women generate their own body-heat? It’s a problem that caused conflict with my ex many years ago. She wanted the house hot, I didn’t want to open the windows with the heating switched … Continue reading

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Earache, and storm Kate.

8°C, strong SW, heavy long showers and some sunny passages. No cycling. Not well enough to ride today. It’s doesn’t seem so bad when the weather is this bad. Here is a sketch from Friday’s training day . Meeting minutes.

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Autumn storm chain.

12C, wet and showery, brisk SSW. I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 28.99mi, time: 01:54:37, pace: 3:57min/mi, speed: 15.18mi/h. Only a short outing today. Dark skies threaten heavy rain carried in from the southern approaches. Those threats were carried … Continue reading

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Review: Finisterre.

12°C, wet start and strong wind building. Ted Baker Finisterre is a digital radio and Blutooth speaker.. Ted Baker are a fashion house, why they sell radios is anybody’s guess. Whatever the reason, they have designed a gem. It looks … Continue reading

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