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5°C, wind rain & cold. Dammit. Two years ago, the days reached 19°C with some consistency. Today, outside looks like one of those awful holidays in Wales- cold rain driven by winds that shake trees as if they think they’re … Continue reading

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New wheels and the Hereafter

8°C, drier but still chilly. Film: Hereafter; Clint Eastwood directed with Matt Damon in the lead role. It’s a Hollywood story which runs along nicely. The lead character has psychic powers which are “a curse not a gift”. That theme is … Continue reading

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12-21 teeth

9°C, rain Drive to work in heavy rain. An opportunity to drop in the bike shop on the way home. Their stock wasn’t complete so I came away with a 12-21 teeth cassette instead of my preferred 13-23. Oh well, … Continue reading

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Next fail

9°C, rain clearing. Climbed on the bike to ride home, there is a short ramp to the gate. then, a loud crunch and the rear wheel locks tight. First though- a bungee cord has wrapped round the spokes. Get off … Continue reading

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Oh grawlix!

10°C, rain threatened. Rain didn’t spoil the ride home, something else did. Yesterday’s ride was crunchy, the new chain didn’t agree with the old sprockets. they’re too worn for the chain’s links to mate well on the lower gears (17 & … Continue reading

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7°C, it’s clear out there for now With all the to-ing & fro-ing I have walked some blobs of dirty oil paste onto the stair carpet. It’s best to get these things when they are fresh, before any drying happens. … Continue reading

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April showers and gear-change

9°C, heavy showers. CR:54 miles Fizzy legs: I really could have ridden more, my legs want to but I have pressing work to do. the energy was there before dawn, or is it work thoughts that fill my head and … Continue reading

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It wasn’t supposed to take this long

10°C, heavy showers & sun Nearly four hours fixing the bike. Changed the rear wheel bearing cones (and balls); new chain and new freehub. The rear axle still runs with a sticky spot- perhaps the axle itself is bent slightly. … Continue reading

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Scafel & Great Gable

5°C, clear. Three days in the Lake District, so two nights under canvas. There is much to report: tales of long drives,  snow, sunburn, ice and bulls. The finches were very tame too. Scafel: Climbed the same route that we … Continue reading

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4°C, clear. Showers later. I can hear a rumbling above. the deep-throated rumble of hot air out the jetpipes of an airliner. So, with a novelty website to check what aircraft it is- Planefinder, I see nothing on the computer … Continue reading

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