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4.0°C, same. Bedging: Bessie is bedging. To bedge you must lean against the edge of a sofa, or bed and lean into it with all your weight. Then slide along while growling in an unagressive way. Let me know how … Continue reading

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2°C Is there something in a mobile phone contract that says it’s ok to be rude to people around you? Does it say  "When you are  in the middle of a conversation, should your new XXXX_1234 ring, then end your … Continue reading

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The Oratory, Edgbaston. A gilted, victorian , cold classsical church used as a venue for choral music. We heard some Elgar, Schubert, Reinburger and finished with Mozart. The highlight was Schöenburg – it was his last piece before going all … Continue reading

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Corporate incompetance

4.9°C+ We have a growing list of complaints about retail corporations. Curries online: One month on and 18 phone-calls in an attempt to return a faulty dishwasher. they give us other numbers to ring, usually to services or companies that … Continue reading

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Awww no!

2°C quiet. Aww no! I prefer the old style space.

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1.9°C, same as yesterday. We got some. We want more, it’s changing by 4 minutes more each day now.   Turpentine: trying a new brush given to me for "evaluation". It’s another Daler-Rowney, but intended for acrylics. The bristles are … Continue reading

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1.9°C, same as yesterday(near enough). Far Cry: it’s truly an addictive game. I knew there would be a part where mutants turn up. It could have been the point that spoils it all, leading to uninstalling the game. However it’s appeared as a … Continue reading

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The Location principle

2°C, clearing, dipping It’s unlikely that we live in a special location. Everywhere is like this.   CDs: Tanya Donelly: Whiskey Tango Ghosts 50 Foot Wave Grandaddy:Sumday I got the last one from the if-you-like-this-then-you-may-like-these lists on Amazon. I have … Continue reading

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A still, quiet room

2°C, grey Dull: The science Dept are all enthusiastic about my meterorite candidate. The more I look at it, the more it looks earthly. I have to go and mark coursework now.

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turpentine time

7°C Turpentine: Laid down the first turpentine layers on those paintings mentioned recently. And yes, in the profile one- that is a finger emerging behind at speed. It’s a shame that both of these pictures are at the same stage, … Continue reading

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