editing the Poly

21°C;2/10 cloud cover. Moderate SW winds; humidity=normal

About 1h30′ 3d modelling to unwind after work. Made legs for the torso I started yesterday.

The “flow” has got a bit mixed up somewhere. Generally, the features are beginning to look okay; the legs are best, but don’t look at the arms, they have hardly anything done on them.
Must not get a late night. Notice the nice sunset tonight.

It’s not just us

 20°C, very very humid, some rumbles of thunder later
It’s hot in the rest of Europe too. On the BBC site is a feature about it, they have been prediciting it for quite a while it seems. The real stuggle today has been with humidity, it feels like wading through air not walking. Breathing is heavy and as for running up stairs…
Even my sketchbook feels different to draw on, the slight dampness of the paper reduces depth of shadows with the usual pencils. The cover is all bendy and I’ve decided to stop buying this type anyway. Next A6 one is going to be a hard-back, this spiral bount job doesn’t protect drawings enough from smudging.
Part 2:
Edit Poly modelling in 3ds max 6. It’s about time I looked at this technique, time to break out of the editmesh>symmetry>meshsmooth tradition. Edit poly is a quad modelling method, instead of the previous triangles manipulated in edit mesh. This modifier has NUMS built in, but isn’t so quick to switch on/off, so I added a modifier above the stack below symmetry. There are some excellent improvements in the workings, like the cut function feels slick. Hinge from edge is also very useful for organic modelling as is border selection, it makes you think in cross-sections. Extrude a laimb, look at the cross section pull some vertices then extrude again. I miss edge turn though, it’s just not there.
Overall then, it’s easier to maintain edges that flow along contours and should result in a better mesh for animating when it’s complete. It looks like this method is going to be better for characters for animation, I can see edit-mesh still the preference in game models
better go and set some cover for tomorrow.

Green Tea & Oil struggle

24°C& now, + lightning

 Drinking green tea and worrying about the double-portrait picture in oil. It’s going to be along job this one, definitey going to miss the deadline, it can be sent by post, but hardly the same. At least I now feel it’s better, this has bugged me for a week now, some days I put-off getting it off the shelf and looking at it. This isn’t how it’s suypposed to be, needs more thinking about. In the past, a post to a web-photo gallery has let me look at it when at work. The canvas is rather coarser than previous, it really needs another layer of Gesso, but let’s see what happens. It’s very informative to let the media suggest a route through.

Drinking Green tea to take away the taste of my supper now, was nice at the time no need for any reminders eh?

The other painting is ok, and some ideas are unfurling for new ones as well. Staves the worry that I’m “losing it”. Does that heppen, the “dive” the “purple patch”?

Schiff beschmutzt

23°C;perfect again.

me the busy boy updating my own website, not enough time to write a full entry here. The css is really useful now, it integrates well with this site, even though there are a bunch of features that haven’t sunk in yet- especially <block> formatting.

Haven’t painted today anyway. However, the BBC are running a program on the BBCi
A picture of Britain. Worth seeing. They run a nice gallery of peoples photos on the TV, with short programs of advice and analysis on the subject of photography.

I’m off to play games now…

Kings of Leon

Kings of leon, Carling Academy, about 2 hours ago

A fairly short set, 1¼ hours; the songs themselves seemed short; the sound quality- poor (as always). The place was a river of crowd surfers, often more than 3 at once getting passed to the front. We got a good view after the start of the set as the girl on the balcony passed out as soon as they started to play. Funny how that happens.
I don’t often go to live rock gigs, and though this was one of the better ones- as far as I could tell, the PA got in the way on that one, that still doesn’t encourage me to go more often. There is a gulf between be & the music, the PA I blame. They don’t seem to have improved in quality over the last 20 years or so. A time span in which my enthusiasm for live-amplified music has never been high. The best live performances I have ever seen have been acoustic sets. This was not.

It wasn’t a bad night out by any means, it’s just a great missed opportunity on their part. The sushi before was excellent as was the coffee at Borders.

But this morning:
Clouds thick/dark/and hormonal=Heavy thinder, 22°C.

On the Ride to work, I have to approach a long hill (more like a ridge) which seemed to attract lots of lightning strikes. This made me nervous "I don’t wanna die"!!
At the top, sheltered in a metal bus-stop while I counted the lightning strikes. The rain was heavy enough to make a bow-wave in the road in front of vehicles. I got back on once the storm was more than a few miles away. the the rain had beaten the storm drains. It was jetting straight up from them – up to knee height in fountains. My feet submerged with each pedal stroke with a sploosh sound. You can’t coast through puddles more than 50 yards long, you’s stop before getting to the other puddle-shore.


28°C;unrelenting sunshine;absent wind

Rushed out at lunch-time to buy linen clothes, it’s far too hot for cotton in work. Feel muggy now. Thunder tomorrow, bed soon.