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editing the Poly

21°C;2/10 cloud cover. Moderate SW winds; humidity=normal About 1h30′ 3d modelling to unwind after work. Made legs for the torso I started yesterday. The “flow” has got a bit mixed up somewhere. Generally, the features are beginning to look okay; … Continue reading

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It’s not just us

 20°C, very very humid, some rumbles of thunder later   It’s hot in the rest of Europe too. On the BBC site is a feature about it, they have been prediciting it for quite a while it seems. The real stuggle … Continue reading

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Green Tea & Oil struggle

24°C& now, + lightning  Drinking green tea and worrying about the double-portrait picture in oil. It’s going to be along job this one, definitey going to miss the deadline, it can be sent by post, but hardly the same. At … Continue reading

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Schiff beschmutzt

23°C;perfect again. me the busy boy updating my own website, not enough time to write a full entry here. The css is really useful now, it integrates well with this site, even though there are a bunch of features that … Continue reading

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Conditions perfect

23°C;wind=nil;clouds=nil(or as near as damnit). 67.0 miles – first to Staunton Harold, the place with the right-handed house martins. Then onto Bosworth Water Trust, specifically Cafe Kouts. I was clever enough not to get burnt. Though didn’t feel very strong all day, … Continue reading

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Video cut. cut. cut.

18°C;half-witted clouds,slim winds More Premier editing. Stunning how 2 hours goes so quickly. Ready to burn to DVD, maybe this weekend.

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Kings of Leon

Kings of leon, Carling Academy, about 2 hours ago A fairly short set, 1¼ hours; the songs themselves seemed short; the sound quality- poor (as always). The place was a river of crowd surfers, often more than 3 at once … Continue reading

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28°C;unrelenting sunshine;absent wind Rushed out at lunch-time to buy linen clothes, it’s far too hot for cotton in work. Feel muggy now. Thunder tomorrow, bed soon.

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School planner

27°C;x10;small clouds minding their own business, shy winds Scanned some pages from my school planner as well as various meetings agenda. Moswen left a message in a previous entry who got a scolding for "defacing" her planner, well, this is to … Continue reading

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Helical clouds

24°C:modest winds; humidity is less arrogant now. There is a helical cloud outside, it’s a vapour trail. There are a ridiculous number over this country, never fewer than a dozen visible from this town on a cloudless day. Anyway the … Continue reading

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