Error 651

27°C, some clouds+humid

I’m baaack!
Last Sunday, I switched on the computer and windows wouldn’t boot up. It reported a corrupt file in the system32 folder. I tried all afternoon to get it running, endlessly loading up the four floppy dics needed to run the installer & repair modules. In the end I reformatted the drive and put a fresh copy on. Unfortunately the boot drive had to be formatted too, so I’ve lost the dual-boot up too.
Anyway. Now I have a fresh installations, but the modem wouldn’t work, giving the above error code. Finally after about four days of trying things out to fix it, I had a nagging feeling the modem wasn’t talking to the motherboard properly. Today, I removed the modem completely, then took out the motherboard drivers. Cleaned out everything to do with the modem and finished with putting stuff back in with more care over the order they they are put in.
Things learnt:
  • Install motherbaord drivers first
  • Backup the boot drive
  • Backup the OS partition (move all temporary folder to another drive to make this easier)
Tomorrow, the virus checker gets put back in, but it’s amazing how much faster the system runs without it.
More arty talk tomorrow…

Backroom picture


Turpentine: I’ve been working on this for quite a while, maybe a month now. It’s been rahter difficult to get into, but today I finally felt good enough about it to put up a picture.
d1: ground and basic drawing
d2: corrections to drawing
d3: start underpanting with all thoughts on the tonality.
d4: today.
Tomorrow ( or whenever) I’m starting linseed layers as soon as possible. The main head needs taking down in tone considerably. I want the highlights to be quite small, so the top half is very low-key.

rabbiting: the thought of that juvenile rabbit has kept me amused today . I wonder what it thought as it went over the fence. It squeeked an "Eep", so it must have been cross. There were no rabbit bodies on the road when I passed on the way to work this morning, so it can’t have got back to the road again.

You’re not allowed to say that

Chicken is a banned word in Space titles:
See the attached picture, We’re prohibeted from using the word "chicken" in our  titles.
Instead I am going to say it in my post here:
Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken & so on…
See! it lets me do that!
 "Chicken" must be either obscene or blasphemous in American English (since msn is American I can only assume).
try that in your next entry title & let me know if the same thing happens. It made my last post rather difficult to post intill I could isolate the "offensive" word.
Hold on! has an American corporation patented the word "chicken" and blocked me from using it without paying a license?

The rabbit that played ch1cken

17°C,cloudy & more wind

Riding home: there was a rabbit in the road. A busy "A" road with rush-hour traffic. Something made me stop to save that rabbit. It took 30ft of braking to stop then put my bike down before running back. As I approached it- the little bunny hopped away- Is "hopping" the best word, it sounds like something you do if you only have one leg, not four.
Anyway,  I got it to hop to the verge so that  I could get back to my bike. But as I went, it hopped back into the road again. After shoo-ing it again, it "boinged" over to the other side of the road – then dove under by lying bike for shelter from the silly bloke wearing shorts and a lycra shirt.
What should I have done at this point? Carry on the rabbit’s game, possibly getting in the way of the cars myself? Or should I have done what I actually did do?
I grabbed the little rabbit & threw it over the hedge into long grass in a farmer’s field. There were quite a few cars stopping by now, and that meant I probably looked quite comical.
Some treacher’s I know stopped and asked if I’m alright- I told them I had just thrown a rabbit over a hedge.

Displacement activities

21°C, sun & lots of SW winds

Reports: so many to do, so little time. 80 are complete, that only leaves 200 to do by the end of Friday. Trouble is, it’s so painfully tedious to do. Displacement activites are (jargon) things you do to avoid a boring task. Like vacuuming, reading bland forums, talking rubbish with peers ( It’s not got so bad that I talk about football).
and… playing computer games.
Ya sas!
Later: made a database so I can drop in my most used comments with a click. It’s absurd to go on writing individual comments for 270 full reports. that should save soem time. And… now another 60 reports asre all written and submitted. Pah!

Seasurface nIV

20°C, like yesterday.

Turpentine: working on the lower layers of the fourth sea-surface sketch. The structure of these is getting better, but this one’s going ot have a better texture – I hope.
This approach is to build an underlying structure, just like a mountain range seen form the air, then add reflections effects – then build up the odd patches of spary or white crests.
photo later…

Worrying news: Whaling

Square wheels on that wagon

22°C, sun, rain then sun

It has been a busy weekend. Six hours of digging the garden yesterday- mostly planting Roses. Muscles all tight and drawing attention to themselves in that weight-lifting way.
Online games fun later after dark-
My online game stats for that server: Wind of War. Apalling how much time I have spent on the server this year. On the other hand- it’s good fun.
At about midnight, the strangest sound. Ths loudest train I have ever heard- it really sounded like it had square wheels on one wagon. It moves across the station at about 10 mph, but looked ( in the darkness) as if the carriages had no payload onboard. What was that all about- it must have woken half of the town.
Another odd thing: a dark grey streak across the sky. Probably a fire over in Brownhills direction. It didn’t seem to disperse as it moved eastwards. Perhaps it was full of ash.
Today – 54 miles on the bike- rush back for guests+food. But then rain.

look at the angry man

24°C,+some rain

Anger at the wheel: In one journey I saw two road-rage incidents. Both followed the same pattern-
Two cars, the one in front stops, bloke gets out to shout at the one driving  behind "what’s your f***ing problem" ( an so on). anger stops the traffic, other car-drivers look perplexed. I ride away bemused.
It must be this weather.
Linseed: from a fewdays ago- another sea picture. Painted with oil & linseed onto a prepared turps ground, that on A4 canvas paper.


17°C, clouds, light winds

blog: that’s better msn, the pictures module is more like it used to be- much better. Selecting the curser position is easier again. Anyway…
CD/Books: from Amazon-
  • Lisa Gerrard– A Thousand Roads ( Film soundtrack)
  • Fred Frith: Middle of The Moment    (ditto)
  • Fred Frith: Rivers And Tides  (ditto)
  • "Round The Clock" by Kaplan
  • another one that is too geeky to mention here.
I’m still looking at paintings on a maritime theme – for my own images based on the Keffalonia experiance. There are some good ones out there , and from surprising sources.

Ozone in the afternoon

28°C, , 27°C inside the house too.

Ozone: In today’s Times newspaper- an article about the weather forcast in cluding an Ozone warning for the afternoon- today and tomorrow. I have to watch this carefully, in high summer after a long cycle ride I get a cough when breathing a full breath. There have been times this has meant riding home slower so only the top half of my lungs get used. Tomorrow could see a repeat of that.
Linseed: Water:  Another A4 painting- just studying waves on mediterranian sea surfaces. This makes the fourth picture on the theme. The last one was more successful, helped significantly by the linseed oil layer which allowes better blending fo wet-on-wet paint.
 It’s a real paint that I can’t print out more of my holiday photos, damn that printer.
Cosford: this weekend is Cosford’s major airshow, but I am going cycing tomorrow so guess what:- I’m heading west tomorrow, setting off early to avoid the ozone-smog buildup. Not taking the camera though.