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Middle-aged man in sandals.

British men in sandals are infamous for a supposed style crime. It’s the socks apparently. Style writers in newspaper magazines, especially the sundays, talk about style rules. Style rules can be broken by wearing “the wrong thing”. You and I … Continue reading

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Broken track.

I rode with MapMyRide+! Distance: 44.30km, time: 01:23:58, pace: 1:54min/km, speed: 31.65km/h. ​The road is painted with the names of riders who raced here. It started warm and became hot very soon. ​​ Eventually, I arrived at the reservoir … Continue reading

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Two in one Day.

31°C, no cloud and light NW wind. I rode Focus hire bike with MapMyRide+! Distance: 27.03km, time: 01:35:10, pace: 3:31min/km, speed: 17.04km/h. This photo was taken on the first of two rides on this day. Even though it was … Continue reading

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Metric Century.

I rode the Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 101.83km, time: 04:21:44, pace: 2:34min/km, speed: 23.34km/h. ​This bike is ideal for long rides. It’s light, good on climbs and smooths out road shock to some extent.

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23°C, dry summer’s day. This morning, I rode The Jake, Cyclocross 28.3 km Bike Ride with MapMyRide Duration: 1:31:50, Pace: 3.2 min/km N+1, looking at a replacement commuting bike. This one has disc brakes and an aluminium frame of the … Continue reading

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End of (academic) year 2016.

24°C, still and few light clouds. Summer Holiday starts today, we got out early because there isn’t the usual goodbye to staff. This year is different; they’re leaving through redundancy.

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Gold, day 4.

I hiked with MapMyRide+! Distance: 10.84km, time: 04:18:00, pace: 23:49min/km, speed: 2.52km/h. Finally, a successful day.. Carl and I hiked up onto the plateau ready to intercept the group. For us, that was lots of micro-navigation across the moorland … Continue reading

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Gold, day 2. Ferry water.

Very hot day, 31°C, 0 cloud breeze higher up. I biked with MapMyRide+! Distance:19.75km, time: 03:20:00, pace: 10:08min/km, speed: 5.92km/h. It was hire bike with a kiddie trailer filled with 20kg of water. Today’s route is up the side … Continue reading

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Gold expedition, d1

I hiked with MapMyRide+! Distance: 14.96km, time: 04:18:00, pace: 17:15min/km, speed: 3.48km/h. ​ Hot day, our big priority is to take water to the more remote parts of the hill. Today, it’s Kinder Scout. I wanted to meet the … Continue reading

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No ride

19°C, warming up. Sunday is cycling day, it’s been a tradition of mine for at least 25 years. But today, despite the fine weather, is different. There are no social plans, or work prep that are getting in the way. … Continue reading

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