Less cold, more snow.

-1°C, heavy snowfall during rush-hour.

Bessie has shaken off.

Maybe the end of this short but icebound lifestyle is soon. the frustration is blooming, lack of exercise is the worst part- it makes work-stress feel worse. A trip to no-where on the turbo-trainer would have helped, but marking overload got in the way.

The Ladies look more comfortable in the snow than last year- their coats were too short last year.

I have had whiskey.

six below

-2°C & dropping. Snow soon.

Snow flurries, too cold to cycle and it’s likely to stay this way for two more weeks. I’m physically frustrated- my legs are fizzy and I can’t settle. At least I have a turbo-trainer this year. There is a gym in work too.

Found it! how thrilling it is when something lost comes back to you. It’s been over six months & many hours in all, looking. Such an open, honest pleasure from a well meaning inanimate object: though no sentient being, I am grateful to you. Do you need a wash?


-5°C, to +2° back to -3°, clear & still.

Big chill starts here- this could go on for two weeks. Hope the winter is unlike the last. The draught excluder is holding fast, the difference great. A north wind will be the final test.

Work is jambpacked with stress. I want to be a lumberjack.


5°C, grey & dank.

Here I am typing this from the kitchen sofa, there’s a novelty. No more will I trudge upstairs to the desktop computer to tap away my unpointful ramblings.
I’ve been thinking of buying this laptop since last summer when I’d spend the first hour after work lolling in the hammock. I can’t resist performing an eccentric little experiment now, let’s try the signal strength out in the garden….

Yes it’s true, I can browse the web from the garden. I shall enthuse about this next summer. Today, it’s rather cold & damp out here.

Eternal sunshine

5°C, dense fog.

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d

I don’t dislike Jim Carey anymore! The film was just great- Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind. His acting was just right, okay a few moments jarred a bit but only because they reminded me too much of his previous dreadful films. Some reviews have suggested “surreal” as a term to describe this film- not one I’d choose, it’s not what I understand of surrealism at directly. On the other hand, words like these do tend to take on a modern meaning which leaves the original behind. Unlike some of my other film ramblings, I can’t contradict what others have said in this one.

Gadgets- I have my clock-radio back, this one works properly with the iPod, so a result. the sound quality is affected somewhat by sliding the instruction manual underneath (for those times that you forget how to change the alarm). There appears to be a narrow speaker port underneath the wooden case. Small speakers often have some sort of port to control the lower frequency sounds. the drivers are simple 3″ cones with no separate tweeters- hence a slight lack of sparkle to the sound. At least that means less harshness on some radio channels.

Return to sender

5°C, clearing & cooling

The Clock radio saga continues- it has to go back. Roberts agree that it’s faulty and needs  replacing. I was, however, quite complimentary about its design which means I want a replacement (not my money back). If only it had tweeters, that really would lift the sound quality.

The cold returns, tonight -1°C expected but it doesn’t feel as cold as last winter.

Roberts Sound 66

8°C, clear but still damp.

DAB/iPod clock radio: ‘Tis a shame that it’s faulty. The sound is smooth, it’s reasonably easy to set up and has some nice detail features- you can set the alarm for one-off, daily or weekdays. That’s neat, I only need to switch off the alarm for each holiday instead of each weekend.

Roberts 66

The sound quality is good, certainly better than my old clock-radio. It’s a little rich and bloated in the bass & lower mid-range but there is an equaliser setting to hide the worst of this. It really needs a treble tweeter to add sparkle to the sound though.