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Less cold, more snow.

-1°C, heavy snowfall during rush-hour. Maybe the end of this short but icebound lifestyle is soon. the frustration is blooming, lack of exercise is the worst part- it makes work-stress feel worse. A trip to no-where on the turbo-trainer would … Continue reading

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six below

-2°C & dropping. Snow soon. Snow flurries, too cold to cycle and it’s likely to stay this way for two more weeks. I’m physically frustrated- my legs are fizzy and I can’t settle. At least I have a turbo-trainer this year. … Continue reading

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-5°C, to +2° back to -3°, clear & still. Big chill starts here- this could go on for two weeks. Hope the winter is unlike the last. The draught excluder is holding fast, the difference great. A north wind will … Continue reading

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2°C, clear & getting colder. Up ’till late fitting draught excluder to windows. There’s a -5° coming one night soon. I bet this stuff falls off though.

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twenty-four hours

5°C, grey. northerlies backing I’ve only had it one day, and it’s refusing to startup. No bleeps, no HD activity, nothing.

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5°C, grey & dank. Here I am typing this from the kitchen sofa, there’s a novelty. No more will I trudge upstairs to the desktop computer to tap away my unpointful ramblings. I’ve been thinking of buying this laptop since … Continue reading

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Eternal sunshine

5°C, dense fog. How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d I don’t dislike Jim Carey anymore! The film was just great- … Continue reading

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Note to lodger

3°C, clear & cold, light winds. Wrote this note to the lodger & put it in a bag of apples: If you want some food, go and buy some. Don’t steal mine! He has read it. Incrimination itself.

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Return to sender

5°C, clearing & cooling The Clock radio saga continues- it has to go back. Roberts agree that it’s faulty and needs  replacing. I was, however, quite complimentary about its design which means I want a replacement (not my money back). If … Continue reading

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Roberts Sound 66

8°C, clear but still damp. DAB/iPod clock radio: ‘Tis a shame that it’s faulty. The sound is smooth, it’s reasonably easy to set up and has some nice detail features- you can set the alarm for one-off, daily or weekdays. … Continue reading

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