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Cold, -5°C last night, warmest was only +5°. Clear & still.C=28 miles. Happy Birthday Stuart. Can you test those scenery files for me?I’ve cracked the co-ordinates syntax in FSX so can place object to within a few feet. Below is … Continue reading

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LOD Export now works

7°C, light winds, grey.  Yesterday: a day in London. The best bit was in the Tate Modern: Juan Muñoz who makes figurative sculptures. One room was filled with these grey figures, all with the same cheerful expression but in different … Continue reading

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Procedures have been put in place…

9°C, clear, still and again! How that phrase grates every time it is said on the media. It is said on most news reports about one thing or another. There is something remote that forces a divide between the listener and … Continue reading

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It’s been a while

10°C, , still & cloudless. C=39 miles …’ been busy though. Unlike most terms, I’ve made time for 3DS Max. This has beena very nice, mild and dry half-term, short too.Still, I persist with trying to get 3D objects into … Continue reading

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thankfully, I didn’t win.

4°C, sunny with hailstorms. Beaten at the last moment- what a relief. So I don’t have two cameras coming in the post. Today has hat a little tension as well for another reason- it’s been very cold but sunny and … Continue reading

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