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DofE 3: Bristol.

12°C, not a cloud all day, nor wind. Gloucester Services: the only one worth 5 star rating. Teybay comes a close second but none is good enough to come third. 3.1; the camp was a chilly start in its wooded … Continue reading

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Ewe turned turtle.

10°C, brisk NW, bright sun. Rode the RSPB route in vright sunshine. That SSW leg takes you through a field of sheep. They were all ewes, many with lambs, tiny lambs. Then I saw one motionless, on her side. I … Continue reading

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DofE 2; Cotswolds.

10°C, after a chilly start. 2.1; met my group in the afternoon and took them out for an hour’s walk before dark. They’re quick and have retained a good set of skills. Bronze doesn’t require much from compass skills so … Continue reading

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Bannister climb

9°C, some sun, light S wind This is turning into an regular route for me. Bannister Lane is a benchmark for my fitness. This year, I have only been up on 8 speed bikes, previously I rode up on the … Continue reading

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Hills and strong wind.

8°C, strong NW with a few showers. mostly sunny. Round the back of Dalton are some decent climbs and sweeping descents towards Parbold. The Mustang is good on hills despite being heavy. The weight is not noticeable unless you ride … Continue reading

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Quick run!

8°C, stormy, 55mph gusts. Woke very early, fizzing with energy. After breakfast, I got the turbo out. While on it, I recalled that I have a pair of running shoes. A decade on, these shoes get a second run. I … Continue reading

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The tuning-fork tree.

More storms, 60mph gusts. Dried up later. 7°C. A6 sketchbook: In work today, I had time to watch a tree beaten by storm Gareth. My mind turned to the problem of how can we animate a winter tree? The tree … Continue reading

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Storm Gareth.

8°C, Storm force SW Mostly dry. that was hard, riding into the wind with 50mph gusts. Along the sea wall, the wind blew lifting sand. Some of it rose above eye level. I had to ride on the footpath because … Continue reading

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Talking without listening.

Britain seems to be an increasingly angry place. Were talking about it since the Brexit vote of 2016. The papers, online, radio and TV are filled with people expressing opinions. They are talking but not listening. Here is a letter … Continue reading

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40 miles on the Arrow.

8°C, sunny with a fresh SW breeze. Climbed Bannister Hill after a stop at the favourite cafe. I like that climb, it leaves you with a refreshed feeling that lasts all day. Perhaps I will try it on the single-speed … Continue reading

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