Bostin headache.

8°C, light NW, white cloud.
I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 16.2mi, time: 01:08:00, pace: 4:12min/mi, speed: 14.3mi/h.
Took one of the shorter routes back to my sanctuary. A headache started in the last hour at work. It lifted during the ride but returned later.
In fact, it went all night. A line of tense scalp and fuzzy mind affair. Could it be a migraine?
Even the following morning it was still present.
This gear is ready to roll now. 10 cogs have tiny teeth and the ratios are close together in this set: 11-25. The cassette doesn’t feel that heavy, but to be sure, I will put the wheel on the scales.

My eclipse.

8°C, light NW, Clear.
Started cloudy on the ride in. But as the miles passed, clouds cleared. That boosted my optimism and correspondingly -speed.
The eclipse began just as I got out of the shower.


My pictures were taken on a mobile phone, but the images were projected from a telescope.


By the time the coverage was maximum 95%, we all felt quite cold. At school, we lined up the kids to view through through sun shades provided by the science department.
For me, a great eclipse.