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Planning Suilvan

Bought a map of Assynt in the far north west Scotland. In the contours and other symbols, there promises a strange landscape with that one steep hump dominating. The remoteness means a long walk in, probably totalling 25 miles for … Continue reading

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40mph on the Carneddeau.

12,cloudy, strong westerly. Breakfast was a cooked English at the Pinnacle Cafe in Capel Curig. There, I decided on the plan for the day. The rain promised did not show this morning, so I chose the more ambitious idea. I … Continue reading

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New word: bimble.

6~14C, S brisk, clear. Thirty years ago I first set eyes on this mountain. That was a Youth Hosteling trip with my brother on cheap, unreliable bikes. The day we arrived was warm sunshine and we both got sunburnt. The … Continue reading

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Fish in the sink.

Dream of fish. Washing up after the lodger had a dinner party, I found some small fish in the warm washing up water, in with the bubbles. There was also a larger one, floating on its side. Quick decision, put … Continue reading

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Ogwen Valley, Easter.

14~9C, barely any wind, clear. Tonight will get cold. It’s still and quiet here in this valley in North Wales. I got here about three in the afternoon, made camp and decided there was time for a walk. Camp is … Continue reading

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New season.

Cycling, Distance: 63.23mi, time: 04:25:43, speed: 14.3mi/h. First ride on the racing bike this year. It’s running as I left it, apart from new cables and bar tape. Though this tape looks all “retro”, it’s rather slippery compared to … Continue reading

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Poorly LP12

My Linn Sondek can barely turn the platter. The motor has very little torque. They are two phase 12v as far as I know. My guess is that one channel has failed on the Valhalla board or the motor itself. … Continue reading

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Wind down.

14C,westerly, few showers. No ride today. A listless latent cold kept me off the bike, this last few days. Some bike fixing done- cables and new bar tape. I have piles of marking like slag-heaps. It’s not going to do … Continue reading

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Pollution, seriously?

12C, no wind, and… forecast– strong pollution, European emissions, Saharan dust and we’re warned not to exercise outside. So I should drive? But cars emit pollution. After last night’s ride, I intended to drive anyway. At least I know why … Continue reading

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