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Lupins, in a bunch!

5°C, rain clearing. NW 10mph Look! I have a new coffee mug, it’s the start of a new era. Already tested it with new tea; a Kenyan leaf and an Indian one. The glaze is a nice aqua-marine turquoise and … Continue reading

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A Peony and knots

7°C, storm approaching. Sky is leaden heavy with rain today, not that I minded. It’s been a rather tumultuous week. I’d like to pull the threads that are woven through the last month. Pull them hard so that they straighten … Continue reading

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Some light

7-3°C, showers, now clear. Rab tells me her story, well my story but my memory eludes me of those fifteen minutes on the 10th that I can’t account for. I was indeed out cold, I had blankets put over me, … Continue reading

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2°C, cold, then sleet 08.15: Walsall Wood Crucifixion: Drove the usual route to work, road closed at Walsall Wood, could see police cars closed the road at both ends and they re-directed traffic. The approach is downhill so I looked … Continue reading

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Hornbeam and a Laburnum

5°C, sun & light showers Day Three: adding tonal depth and a hint of colour.Listened to Kristin Hersh while doing this, the CD player is not very well- probably need to replace it. It’s only 15 years old.Left knee is … Continue reading

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3°C, calm, clouded sky. Feels warm in comparison Recovery day: feeling brighter, opened the box of paints and found a canvas with a ground prepared already. . Listened to Max Richter while I did this one. You never can tell … Continue reading

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Blond and rouge

 -1°C, , less wind Puzzling over the missing few minutes of my life yesterday. Need to speak to the witnesses to find out how long I was out. Still feeling the effects today; interesting because I have never had memory … Continue reading

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Think you’ve had a bad day?

-1°C. Clear + snow showers The worst ride to work yet. Involved a severe deflection by a lorry, a tarmac bounce and later, stitches. Parts the collision I can’t remember, there are two gaps in my memory and since, I … Continue reading

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The Aberystwyth Starlings event

5°C, grey, damp and cold. C=56 miles Starlings roost on the pier in Aberystwyth each night. They fly there each afternoon at sunset.Well worth the trip to the coast to see this. Flocks fly in without interval, each in a … Continue reading

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2°C, Icy start, then heavy rain. Not safe enough to cycle New music arrived this week. Frank Zappa: Shut up ‘n’ play yer guitar Frank Zappa; The Grand Wazoo Frank Zappa: Burnt Weeny Sandwich Frank Zappa: Sheikh Yerbouti Max Richter: … Continue reading

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