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20°C, light clouds The map is from Microsoft, it is capable of showing more detail, but you have ot follow the link to see it. It appears that the recent maps are more detailed than the flight sim; both owned … Continue reading

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Obscure Siberia

19°C, rain. Firefox: get version 3.5+ if you use this and a multicore processor- it now seems to multithread evenly on all four here. That is good, it means that the browser is nearly as fast as Google Chrome.FSX-scenery: as … Continue reading

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Pevek’s bridge

19°C, except when it rains. There is no bridge connecting Pevek to the island; okay so what?But how do you remove the erroneous bridge in FSX flight sim? Any suggestions?

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Forty days

21°C, light clouds & stuff Break up for summer today. Forty days where I choose what to do; no bells.Ordered some new prints for the house, included "The Girl With The Pearl Earring". I know everyone is familiar with this … Continue reading

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Dee of Ee

20°C, sun & showers Only a short slot in which to write. Hope the tent dries out in this half-hour. After, I shoot out for a meal organised by QM. Still trembling with tiredness, all credit to noisy kids talking … Continue reading

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20°C, drizzle then light and warmth A day for conflict, borrowing, exasperation, reconciliation; a day for an early night. …night.

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Hey, again… up for a spin

20°C, showers with rumbles Hey again, up for s pin?…pretty rain makes you smile…this is something, why don’t you come in?…this is some swell trash….Jesus, he’s easy, the safest way to go home….Hell, nothing’s boring, never could panic alone…Hey again, … Continue reading

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Heracleum mantegazzianum

20°C, clearing, breeze. In a break with tradition, we didn’t go to Flying Legends: Duxford. Shame really, it would have been good- They have a FW190 taking part in the show.5 Signets, gone- to join the bigger flocks I expect.Heracleum … Continue reading

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Living in a land of pink and blue

20°C, Grey, some drizzle Girls and colour: Marking Y9 coursework recently, I frequently see concepts that I haven’t worked out for myself yet. The kids have ot evaluate their projects and define areas for improvement. One issue comes up time … Continue reading

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Bone tired

19°C, some epic rainstorms today Deep: deep down to-the-bone tiredness. I know I have talked of this before, but the feeling stirs memories of previous end-of-term feelings. My whole being seems to know there is only a few weeks to … Continue reading

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