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drizzle softly

18°C, soft drizzle, warm, humid & demotivating. Cycle 38miles Third ride this week where the start and finish were in good conditions but the middle- miserable penetrating drizzle. Packing bags again. See you… Fugitive Motel :  Lost in a lullaby … Continue reading

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Frogs dodging the combine

17°C, westerlies continue. Cycle 36 Miles. Better start packing again. Cycled slowly to start with- combine harvesters only do 12 mph on a single-track road, no room to pass. But after 6 wheels rolled over along 3 tracks, a perfectly … Continue reading

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17°C, heavy showers, cold wind from the northern approaches, cycle 24 miles.soaked. Coen Brothers: Fargo– I’m seeing a pattern now, the landscape is different in this film, but its role is the same. This one is funnier than the last … Continue reading

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18°C, the rain moved away Searched & Searched: before going to France, I turned over the house looking for these shoes. Made by Speedo, which I bought for swimming in rivers. My poor feet can’t abide the sharp stones. They … Continue reading

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I return (for now)

20°C, it blows Back from the Alpine trekking.Six days:d1, Pointe d’Angolond2, Breche du Dérochoird3, Roc d’Enferd4, Rest dayd5, Lac des Chambresd6, End of the World My flickr photos

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The Reader

22°C, blue then greyer, humid all the while New film to add to the top ten: The Reader: based on the Bernard Schlink book. I’m left so stunned that I can’t really make much of a post here. With a … Continue reading

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on top

24°C, fair + Prepare for the Alpine adventure. Stuff organised. I failed to buy travel insurance from my bank today. In I walked and found someone to deal with, who sent me to an empty room with a phone to … Continue reading

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Such a draw.

19°C, rain band, cleared eastwards now Why is climbing mountains such a draw?You meet the most remarkable people on these mountains. As long as you stay off the honey-pots, the other areas can be quite remote (in feel). It’s the … Continue reading

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Llwybr Cyhoeddus

22°C, sunny Came back from Wales a day early because of some guttural illness. It was not easy trailing up that 1:5 hill to get to the toilet block of that last camp-site.I was there a week and had quite … Continue reading

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Paint in from the rain

18°C, rain Rain: it’s turning into a washout, there is a break in the gloom forecast for tomorrow so I am probably shooting over to Wales to do a few peaks while I can. It’s a desperate chance to make … Continue reading

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