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District 9

19°C, light NE, C67miles District 9: a South African science-fiction film. Okay, third time lucky: I liked this one.

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14°C, sun & wind & clouds scudding Rushmore: Didn’t make it through this one. Easily one of the finest comedies since THE GRADUATE, RUSHMORE is a monument to brilliant filmmaking (said ilovefilm) I gave it 40 mins, but I felt … Continue reading

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23°C,  Up early for about a month now. Wake at 04.00 and get up ½ hour later. Such a fine time of day: all’s quiet and the dogs get an outing before work; hence these photos.

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Tilting butt

22°C, . Light NE. It filled up fast: the water butt filled to the brim in only 1 day of rain. Problem now is that it’s tilting, the slab it stands on has given a little under the half-tonne weight. … Continue reading

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The Road

16+°C, NW winds, getting easing First Orchid: (think it’s an orchid anyway). Seen in Woodland Trust land.Even it it’s not, still a nicely light picture I’d say.Getting ready to plant that Hornbeam tree. It’s quite an effort because I want … Continue reading

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Eucalyptus is down

14°C, grey all day, NE winds. The Eucalyptus tree is now sawn logs. Some are huge, storage might be slightly awkward.They’re gorgeous though, such nice wood. I may polish up a few and have them in the house.

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Vulpes Vitreol

18°C, grey, rain overdue Incredible: Having trouble believing this story: BBC. A fox attacks two sleeping children in London. The response is as difficult to believe as the original story. Apparently they trapped a fox in the garden later in … Continue reading

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15°C, thunder & lightning Tales from the compost heap: dug a new compost heap space yesterday. "Dug" because there was another slab 6" below the surface. Anyway, doing that I disturbed a mouse who dived under a block which needed … Continue reading

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