Hanna, 2011

Film, Hanna, 2011

Hanna, brought up to be an assassin, leads in this road movie. Most of the introduction you need has been said elsewhere. This film has been out for years so you can find reviews out there.


Saorise Ronan’s performance was superb, (as it was in Atonement). This film is payable as- watchable to good, but left me feeling slightly let down. The film has that dated quality of art-house cinema from the 1980s, films like Diva, or Peter Greenaway’s lesser films. There were self-consciously arty scenes and fight scenes that would fit in a manga story. But, it’s not a 80s film.
For me, it lacked that personal involvement in the lead character’s plight. However, acting was good enough, and in Ronan’s case- faultless. I blame the director for my minor misgivings.
Ronan is one to watch, perhaps a new Tilda Swinton for the future.


Red weather warning.

11°C, endless heavy rain, moderate SW wind.
Certain flooding near here today. This is the third day of heavy rain. Fortunately, the place I am staying in is on a hill.


That red patch is directly overhead. It’s the Met Office grading for ‘danger to life’. Not far from here is low lying flat land that is barely above sea level. Should be able to go out and explore at the end of this afternoon.

Month’s deluge.

6°C, and heavy rain to come.
End of term nears. As usual, we’re all exhausted at work. Mostly Year 11 kids who’ve had weeks of exams. The rest of us are battling with colds, on and off. Perhaps viruses are thriving in this yet weather.


Met office app.

Like a string of massive beads, the storms keep coming. One after another, carried by the dominant south westerly winds that have blown hard for over a month.


In the south, you can see fronts running nearly parallel to the wind direction. Those rain bearing fronts spill their load for long periods, days at a time sometimes.
Daytime temperatures have been good, up to 12°C. Nevertheless, lodger A is running her electric radiator again. She’ll have to chip in a supplement for the bill.
Notice the ancient temperature is 15 in my utility room. I don’t understand the need for additional heating in mild weather.

Storm Desmond, Lancashire.

11°C, storm force wind, SW.
Heavy but not torrential rain here. It’s warm and roads are lined with puddles not floods.


Sefton, I like this place more in bad weather. I could see twenty odd statues by Antony Gormley. When misty, the furthest fade to invisible. Today, sand whips along the wet, flat beach. I didn’t think it would do that on yet sand. Such is the wind strength.

True nighttime.

11°C, SW wind, brisk, rain.
We sampled true darkness last night.
A long power cut just before bed-time. All power was lost, including phone signals. Only the sound of house alarms filled the darkness. To the north was an orange glow with regular flickering red under the clouds.
My clever comment? “It’s the mother ship”
Most people have a light on their mobile, I used mine to find the camping lights.
Head-torch and lamp ready. Be prepared.

It was bed time anyway, but I thought about how cities would be without so much artificial light; we would cope.