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Back on the bike.

I rode cyclocross (Jake),  with MapMyRide+! Distance: 23.57km, time: 01:22:41, pace: 3:30min/km, speed: 17.10km/h. Still not fully recovered, but it’s time to ride after two weeks.

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While I was away…

20°C, fair summer’s day. The wasps have been busy. This bulging paper nest was not visible one short week ago.​

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Wasps’ nest

23°C, clearing to blue sky. No real wind. I have a wasps’ nest in my house. It’s actually in an air-brick to the front room. Last year, I blocked the air-brick because ivy was growing through into the room right … Continue reading

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Another one.

24°C, nil wind, nil cloud and simply a perfect day. N+1=5 what have I just bought?​ [Insert paragraph where I justify another bike.] I have test ridden it and it fits well.

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Summer cold.

23°C ,cloudless blue, perfect day. What a day to get a cold. I have so much to do here at home. Garden, marking and decorating. At least this may explain why the last few days hiking were not as energetic … Continue reading

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Crash sites.

Up to now, I have found air crash sites while hiking. Remote mountainous areas are a threat to low flying military pilots. Our intended camp was confirmed when we found aircraft wreckage by a small lake. We all pitched together … Continue reading

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ML training expedition.

12°C, cloud from 50m, strong wind 40mph at 900m.​ Heavy pack was a drag on this climb. But to walk in a group, I was not left behind even though my bag was the heaviest (at 18kg). We got to … Continue reading

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Mountain Leader training.

Day 1; micro-navigation, Day 2: moving on steep ground. We climbed Pen-yr-ole Wen by the route from Llyn Ogwen. Our tutor demonstrated how a rope could be used on the scrambling section to get a group of novices up. Day … Continue reading

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Cluanie Ridge

Creag a’Mhain, (m), 947m, Druim Shionnach (m), 987m; Aonach air Crith, (m), 1021m; Maol Chin-dearg, (m), 981m; Sgurr an Doire Leatham, (m), 1010m; Started with cloud at 800m with some breaks. After tricky path finding up Drochaid an Ullit Ghubhais … Continue reading

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Glen Affric return.

Aonach Meadhoin, (m), 1001m; Ciste Dubhe, (m), 929m; Woke at 6am to an inversion in bright sunshine. Look: Chilly but what a gorgeous way to wake up. This will be one unforgettable day. The landscape was like a one large … Continue reading

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