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The spirit of christmas present

4°C, a respite with sunny bits. Summary: Christmas day, 37 miles, walked quite a bit across the icy patches. Boxing day- 46 miles, only 1 icy walk. I am able to sleep once more.Presents: …

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to be expunged

+1 to +3°C, fog, but the snow’s melting. Christmas is not easy, though some instinct tells me it should be.I want a new name for this holiday, ‘Christmas’ will be expunged, but a replacement is not clear. It could be … Continue reading

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Ivy breath

-2~ +2°C, clear & still In lieu of cycling: pulled the ivy crawling up the house front. Its fingers reached obscenely through air-bricks, the TV-antenna and into roof-spaces. It pulls away easily but not without loads of noxious dust that … Continue reading

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2~-3°C, clear; so, colder later? Seven: great film from a long line of thrillers in this genre.the film has: Silence Of The Lambs, The Abominable DR. Phibes, all those gritty New York distopia storys including Batman. It doesn’t matter that the … Continue reading

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Eight legged Coconut

5°C, some more rain, it wants to sleet I tell you! This cheered me up today, I made the kids watch it in one lesson because it amused me so much. Poor kids. …I’ve been grinning about this story all … Continue reading

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3~5°C, miserable showers. Deep, bone-aching tiredness. I know, I say this every year, but you can’t get used to this. The holiday promises to be: Whiskey, snow, chocolate and fine company. Bet I don’t end up clearing the gutters though. … Continue reading

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4~9°C, clear I’m out of chocolate.

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The Screaming

11°C, dry. In work a bit early, but a strange atmosphere- there was hardly any screaming. Most of the girls turn up about 08.20, so that’s when it reaches a real crescendo- enough to hurt your ears and leave you … Continue reading

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corrupt system32

<7°C, & falling under clear starry skies. Poorly computer (again gasp): On Windows 2000, the System32system file is corrupt, meaning no bootup. I don’t know how this happens, but last night Kaspersky raised the alarm and offered to delete some … Continue reading

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Why this one?

9°C, bad of rain tonight, dry until now Why is this a news story? : Knox-Kercher murder case. Why, of all the murder trials going on in the world has this one floated to the top of the popularity ratings … Continue reading

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