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The spirit of christmas present

4°C, a respite with sunny bits. Summary: Christmas day, 37 miles, walked quite a bit across the icy patches. Boxing day- 46 miles, only 1 icy walk. I am able to sleep once more.Presents: …

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to be expunged

+1 to +3°C, fog, but the snow’s melting. Christmas is not easy, though some instinct tells me it should be.I want a new name for this holiday, ‘Christmas’ will be expunged, but a replacement is not clear. It could be … Continue reading

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Ivy breath

-2~ +2°C, clear & still In lieu of cycling: pulled the ivy crawling up the house front. Its fingers reached obscenely through air-bricks, the TV-antenna and into roof-spaces. It pulls away easily but not without loads of noxious dust that … Continue reading

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Winter beach

-6~ +2°C, not counting wind-chill. Drove home last night late, in the valleys, temperatures dropped to minus six. It was all dry and little white so no real problems. The car coped apart from the screen-wash jets froze and didn’t … Continue reading

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2~-3°C, clear; so, colder later? Seven: great film from a long line of thrillers in this genre.the film has: Silence Of The Lambs, The Abominable DR. Phibes, all those gritty New York distopia storys including Batman. It doesn’t matter that the … Continue reading

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Eight legged Coconut

5°C, some more rain, it wants to sleet I tell you! This cheered me up today, I made the kids watch it in one lesson because it amused me so much. Poor kids. …I’ve been grinning about this story all … Continue reading

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3~5°C, miserable showers. Deep, bone-aching tiredness. I know, I say this every year, but you can’t get used to this. The holiday promises to be: Whiskey, snow, chocolate and fine company. Bet I don’t end up clearing the gutters though. … Continue reading

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December’s rainbow

2~5°C, light NE winds, some showers. Cycle 60.8 miles. NE winds brought light showers from the North Sea today. This new fleece long sleeve shirt did the trick- no chills for me. I have ot recommend this stuff, even when … Continue reading

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4~9°C, clear I’m out of chocolate.

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The Screaming

11°C, dry. In work a bit early, but a strange atmosphere- there was hardly any screaming. Most of the girls turn up about 08.20, so that’s when it reaches a real crescendo- enough to hurt your ears and leave you … Continue reading

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