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Friday is a good day to…

-1~+2, NE wind, light, dry. …to ride. I rode fixed 42×17 with MapMyRide! Distance: 56.90mi, time: 04:10 The big problem today was to keep warm. The penetrating icy wind occasionally blew light snow flurries from the east. At half-way, … Continue reading

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Did I ever tell you…

3.5°C, SE strong. Dry. … How annoying DIY can be? Yesterday, I spent 4 hours installing replacement cable for the phone extension. The signal has so much interference that voices are difficult to follow. Now the new cable is in, … Continue reading

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9°C, light SE, Clear. CA:60 miles. Tracked today’s with MapMyRide! Distance: 60.31mi, time: 04h 49m, So many smiling faces today. The sun, clear skies and lack of cold air has affected us all. Some of the old guys can be … Continue reading

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Two buzzards picking at a swan’s corpse.

8°C, sunny, still, CA:30 Tracked ride with MapMyRide! Distance: 29.80mi, time: 01:54:51, pace: 3:51min/mi, speed: 15.57mi/h. Passed a strange sight- two buzzards feeding on a dead swan near Elford. It was like a Breugal painting, one of those with … Continue reading

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Roof shedding.

1°C, dry cold. Top temperature was 1°C today, mostly, surfaces were dry but ice was slow to melt. I rode in today with little to worry about, bar one thing. Many drivers don’t clear the snow heaped up on their … Continue reading

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How do I fix this?

5°C, heavy non-stop rain. Repair: my phone line is often very poor, the crackle & hiss is so loud that I can’t hear what people are saying and it often cuts off my ADSL internet connection. Okay, but it costs … Continue reading

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Film: Lebanon

3°C, light rain. Film: Lebanon, set entirely within a tank during the 1982 war. In many ways it reminded me of Das Boot. A small number of men encased in a steel shell, dripping with oil and dirty water. Some … Continue reading

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Rage road.

+4°C, clear icy strong wind. Not safe to ride this morning- black ice covers more than usual today- roads as well as pavements. Not safe to drive either, look… Near home there is a tee-junction with a roundabout for left … Continue reading

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Fix the head-wind.

I rode fixed gear 42×17. MapMyRide! Distance: 43.36mi, time: 03:27:35, pace: 4:47min/mi, speed: 12.53mi/h. Took a similar route to last week after I said I should do the same distance. Difference was that I rode up Bannister Hill (without … Continue reading

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Ince Blundell

4°C, NW breeze. CK: 22.3 miles. Fixed 42×17 gear rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 22.31mi, time: 01:35:22, pace: 4:16min/mi, speed: 14.04mi/h. Ince Blundell is, today, a newly added shortcut away from the Formby-Southport dragstrip. What a funny place though, it … Continue reading

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