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Gales. Soft Drizzle

9°C, light showers on a strong S wind. Grey. CK:40.1 Ride- Distance: 39.97mi, time: 02:48:11, speed: 14.3mi/h. fought the strong south gale all the way home. All that time and miles to regret leaving the 16t on the bike. I … Continue reading

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Moors and ditches.

Cycle: CK Distance: 36.12mi, time: 02:24:15, pace: 4:00min/mi, speed: 15.02mi/h. Windswept moors offered little shelter near Southport today. It’s a lovely area near Churchtown, but there was litter everywhere. One of the ditches had a light brown sofa and … Continue reading

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Coastal ride, with punctures.

9C, light SSW, dry, fine day. Ride- CK: Distance: 40.60mi, time: 02:32:34, pace: 3:45min/mi, speed: 15.97mi/h. That didn’t go as planned! Decided on a coast ride, along the sea-front at Southport. Near Formby, the first puncture was dramatic, loud … Continue reading

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Creaky ride.

CA-ride: Distance: 63.43mi, time: 04:14:13, speed: 14.97mi/h. Dry, though there were still floods to ride through. The sun shone, and little wind blew. The only blemish was a distracting creaking sound from either the saddle or maybe, the bottom-bracket. … Continue reading

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9°C, strong wind. short and frequent showers. Strong Wind, see here. What an excellent site, I like things like this.

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Meal deal.

8C, gales and heavy showers. The commercial monster loves Valentine’s day. All that kitsch sickly pink plastic packaging has been peddled for weeks now. They have missed a trick though. A fifth of brits live alone, or some figure like … Continue reading

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On the cusp of spring.

7C, brisk SW, little rain, sunny. cycle CA: Distance: 55.25mi, time: 04:00:51, speed: 13.4 Spring is coming, not here yet even though many Snowdrops are out. The air does not yet smell of spring sweetness  though. Relief though, my … Continue reading

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Pulsar visualised

6°C, gales from SE. Some dry patches too. 3DS Max 8: I don’t often find the time to play with 3D software, but here is a still from a longer render that I ran overnight. As I write, I am attempting … Continue reading

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Storm, storm, storm…

7C, strong SW wind, richer to come. Achilles tendon- is very stiff now. Perhaps I need to go back to the physiotherapist. I am actually limping now and that gives me back-ache. Heavy weather, strong winds are hammering the house … Continue reading

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Storm chain.

7C, strong wind, heavy rain. The flue is knocking, this storm is so strong that the flue lifts with the strongest gusts. Hope it doesn’t keep me awake- my bedroom is in the room above. What a remarkable winter- one … Continue reading

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