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Awkward route.

16°C, bright sun and dry. I rode commute on Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 33.94km, time: 01:37:43, pace: 2:53min/km, speed: 20.84km/h. Before the ride home from work, I looked at Google maps to find an alternative route. Though the ride … Continue reading

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Shopping and the green machines.

15°C, sunny and breeze from S. I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 20.78km, time: 01:00:40, pace: 2:55min/km, speed: 20.55km/h. I think all of my bikes have been photographed here, except perhaps the Racelite. It was a pleasant enough ride … Continue reading

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Cool fun in the sun.

8~14°C, strengthening N, sunny, dry. I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 81.41km, time: 03:36:37, pace: 2:40min/km, speed: 22.55km/h. I took this shot because of the distant land just left of the pier. At first, I thought it was the … Continue reading

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DofE 14: Yorkshire Dales.

14°C, rain and gales. Gusts up to 40mph. 14.0 Arrived about 11.30am for a Gold Qualifying expedition. The minibusses wouldn’t arrive for at least 2 hours so I went up Whenside for the fun of it. People were up there … Continue reading

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15°C, dramatic clouds, strong W. I rode Mustang with MapMyRide+! Distance: 25.95km, time: 01:15:45, pace: 2:55min/km, speed: 20.55km/h. Home: it’s been a long, slow job. The last roll of wallpaper is up now. It was an awkward corner with … Continue reading

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Art fix

17°C, sun and heavy showers. Tate Gallery, Liverpool. They’re showing Egon Sheile and some other stuff from their modern collection. This is what they said about the sculpture above: Louise Bourgeois 1911-2010 Mamelles 1991, cast 2001 Rubber, fibreglass and wood … Continue reading

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