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Plumbing, is this the most annoying DIY job?

Very warm, sunny and close. 24°C. Before: It leaked, left rusty marks and was difficult to remove. I ended up removing the whole sink to get at the rusty bolts. How much better is this? A clean route, new pipes … Continue reading

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DofE 4: recovery.

24°C hot sun while the Midlands are flooding after their storms. Group 5 had the brilliant idea of spraying their tent with midge repellant. The oil in the spray has damaged the waterproofing on the flysheet. The ‘beading’ still works … Continue reading

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DofE 4.3: change of weather and an emergency.

Rain from before dawn. 13°C, easing through the day. A slightly slower start becaue of the rain. It fell upon me to breif and set all the groups off. All 72 kids. It was an hour and a half before … Continue reading

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DofE 4.0: Cannock Chase.

17° C, sunny and dry. Very early start, wake at 4am and pack to drive the 100 miles to the school. The other staff for the trip were out and about gathrring kit and minibuses. So I hung my head … Continue reading

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DofE 3 Surrey Hills.

20°C, blue skies and no wind. Cold mornings 5°C typically. Wilson’s school bronze practice. Cold mornings and some fog. Mornings were cold, as low as Folly A fine pine tree near a checkpoint.

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DofE 3.0: South Downs (Surrey Hills)

19°C, clear , still and dry. 264 mile drive to get here straight from work. We’ll see whether it leaves me too tired next week. That will be 16 days work without a day off. The forecast is good. This, … Continue reading

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Three rides

15°C deep blue, light ÑW I rode Paddy Wagon and Racelite (2 bikes) with MapMyRide+! Distance: 83.08km, time: 03:28:04, pace: 2:30min/km, speed: 23.96km/h. And then I rode this bike for a few hours. I don’t recall riding two different … Continue reading

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First bike commute in 9 months.

8°C, sunny and fresh. Dry. I rode jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 28.25km, time: 01:15:27, pace: 2:40min/km, speed: 22.47km/h. That hill is hard in every way. It didnt even pay back on the return home; rain began, traffic built up … Continue reading

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DofE 2.0 North Downs

24°C, cloudless and still I led DofE Bronze with MapMyRide+! Distance: 18.27km, time: 08:35:00, pace: 28:11min/km, speed: 2.13km/h. Each day started cold, Saturday was +4.5°C and Sunday morning colder. Here, the sun happens to shine down the inside of … Continue reading

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The flotsam was useful to prop the bike up while I photograph it. Later, I returned to collect the net for the art room. I don’t quite know what it’s for yet. Maybe a driftwood still life.

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