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Heading South

19°C, calm, but grey Heading for the Pyrenees tomorrow. First stop, London, all by train.

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Rain and tired

13°C: showers

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Divert a river

14°C, rain. Use object placement tool to put an object on each corner of the river’s origonal course, then save the xml placement file. Open the xml in notepad, open Google Earth as well. Open Google Earth, under Tools>Options set … Continue reading

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Upload + 24 hours

17°C, clear afternoon, but fresh E wind. 24 hours on: 361 downloads from AVSim. No direct feedback yet, but for one email requesting a recompile to a previous version of the Sim.   River Angara is substantially done now, it … Continue reading

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Release to AVSim

22-17°C, clear then suddenly- clouds. AVSim: This second attempt to upload my FSX Scenery to AVSim is, I hope, more successful than the first. We should be impressed with their professionalism I suppose- the first was rejected because I’d missed … Continue reading

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27°C, unbroken sunshine, quite humid, no wind: C=78 miles Portishead : ThirdI have really fallen in love with this album, one track in particular. The Rip: As she walks in the roomScented and tallHesitating once moreAnd as I take on myselfAnd the … Continue reading

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River Angara (Siberia)

25°C, humid & sunny. Modding for Flight Sim X again: Found a river in Siberia that only has its shorelines present in the sim, so I’m fixing it. Those deep continental rivers are huge, slow flowing and very wide. This … Continue reading

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Core 2 Quad

20°C, rain am, Sun pm; It took ages to fit, partly because I was so careful about it, but also, I put the heatsink’s support frome in the wrong way. It presents some interesting problems, some games don’t benfit much, … Continue reading

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