That’s why I bought the Jake.

7°C, quiet and cool.

Autumn rust.

A fine November day, surface water everywhere after recent downpours. I felt the magic on this ride – so that’s why I bought this bike. The poor machine got caked in mud especially after plunging into a deep rut. It then looked like gravy.

What a satisfying day, the distance is not great but it took 3 ½ hours.

Coffee for cyclists.

8°C, dry and sunny with a brisk W.

Though dry, black peaty mud made it from the fields to the tarmac, those surfaces were not as slippery as they appeared.

It stopped at the Twin Lakes Velo for coffee. They make beautiful espresso, such depth and richness. Each sip is a series of flavours, after the bitter initial explosion, there are distinct phases to tollow in each tiny sip. Nuts, woody sweetness and a glissade towards the time that another sip is due. It’s ironic that such a small cup needs to be drunk over such a long time.